El Salvador launches ‘Bitcoin office’ in Switzerland

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El Salvador launches
El Salvador launches ‘Bitcoin office’ in Switzerland

The Salvadoran government has reached an agreement with the city of Lugano to promote the adoption of BTC from there and to all of Europe.

Government savior will establish a bitcoin office In the city of LuganoAnd the SwissAnd the To spread BTC adoption all over Globalism. The Central American country has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the city authorities, who share the pro-cripo vision of the Najib Bukele administration.

The initiative was announced by the Salvadoran ambassador in United StateAnd the Melina Mayorga, during the inaugural Tether Plan B Forum in Lugano last Friday. The official pointed out that The new office will be headed by a new honorary consul dedicated exclusively to the defense and promotion of cryptocurrency across the continent.

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“My fellow Salvadoran colleagues and I are very excited about the promise of BTC and I look forward to seeing how this initiative will help increase access to economic security and economic freedom for all.slip Mayorga.

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In September 2021, El Salvador has officially adopted BTC as legal tender in his own. Since then, local citizens can use the cryptocurrency to conduct any type of transaction and are free to exchange it for US dollars without any commission.

The city of Lugano took a similar initiative in March of this yearaccepting BTC, USDT and LVGA stablecoins as Legal Bidding Coins. Tether, in particular, was one of the companies that immediately supported the project. Your technology manager, Paolo Arduinocongratulated both parties and emphasized that the initiative It promises to encourage the exchange of best practices and ideas about the power of cryptocurrencies.

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