Education Minister defends use of ‘les niñes’ despite criticism: ‘RAE is not the only institution’ | National

The Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Avila, has defended the use of “Neníns” despite criticism from his predecessor in the Ministry of Education, Raúl Figueroa. “RAE is not the only institution,” said the Secretary of State.

Caused controversy in the instructions Undersecretary of the Ministry of Childhood About how to refer to children and adolescents.

According to the text posted on social networks, they indicated that calling them “minors” is inappropriate, and urged the use of “girls, boys and/or teens.”

In addition, they pointed out that saying “our children” is wrong, and advocated the use of concepts such as Girls, boys or children.

Undersecretary for Children

However, from The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), He noted that using the word “niñes” to refer to a group of boys and girls, It is something “alien to Spanish morphology”.

If it refers to all children, regardless of their gender, the use of the letter ‘e’, ​​in addition to being alien to Spanish morphology, is unnecessary, since the masculine ‘children’ already performs this function as an indistinguishable term opposition between genders”, indicated.

Minister Avila defended the use of the “Ninen”

In this regard, the Minister of Education and Language Teacher, Marco Antonia Avila, defended the use of the word “les niñes” in assessment, as stated in CNN Chile.

“RAE is an institution that, within its principles, is rule-making but it is not the only institution that can define what the roads are,” he said.

“So one could say that I am being judged by RAE in this aspect, but not in other aspects,” he said.

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Raul Figueroa refused to use the phrase “les niñes”

But his predecessor in the Ministry of Education, Raúl Figueroa, disagreed with the use of the term, asserting that “it is important to preserve the purity of the Castilian language”.

“You have to be clear about this. Of course we have to create all the conditions so that prejudice is not generated by the different mechanisms and language is one of them and there are no signs of discrimination.”

criticized in an interview with CNN Chile.

“Maintaining the purity of a language like Spanish requires certain grammar rules; if we distort it systematically, it generates confusion and even ridicule. This generates the exact opposite effect of what I suppose the authorities are looking for.”

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