Ecuador and Switzerland tied after the first day of work

A great first day between the Ecuadoreans and the Swiss, each team scored a victory on the first day of their series for the first set of the Davis Cup. Ecuador and Switzerland will determine the winner on Sunday, to pass to next year’s playoffs.

A very level streak is looking to secure one of the places in the playoffs next March, heading into the finals for the 2023 edition. Ecuador Choose Fast Tracks Mode Salinas For the preference of their players, the regular players of the Challenger are on this deck. The greatest player in the South American team is Emilio Gomez, only the last champion of the tournament in that city. Together with Emilio and Roberto Queiroz and doubles players Gonzalo Escobar and Diego Hidalgo, to form the Ecuadorean team.

for this part, Swiss They had Mark Andrea Heusler and Henri Laksonen contending for the singles points, as well as promising youngster Dominic Stryker, a priori in the doubles but as an obvious choice for the fourth or fifth point of the series.

Keyrose Heusler (4-6, 2-6)

Nice duel for left-handed tennis players to open the series, with plenty of parity during the first set. Huesler got the first half of the match up by taking a 4-3 lead, making an important move to close the first set 6-4 afterwards. Once again, Queiroz struggled repeatedly to keep his serve matches, and Helvetian took his badge to get back up front on the scoreboard. Finally, his own Heusler ruled history 6-2 to give Switzerland 1-0.

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Gomez Laksonen (6-4, 6-3)

Emilio Gomez came off the pressure of having to win this second point, and he managed to take an early lead. Laaksonen also had a good level of tennis, recovering from two breaks straight away. However, the Ecuadorean knew how to break the ball back at the best moment, closing the opening set 6-4. Gomez capitalized on those sentiments to quickly tap again and level the score for his team. Emilio did not hesitate and ended the match 6-3 and tied the series in favor of Ecuador.

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