EasyJet: The pilots frustrated the quarantine change

EasyJet: The pilots frustrated the quarantine change

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EasyJet says it expects to carry fewer passengers as consumer confidence has been hit by quarantine measures in the UK due to the coronavirus.

The airline expanded its schedule to 40% of its regular capacity last monthBut now she says she expects that to fall.

“Customer confidence in making travel plans has been negatively affected” due to “ever-evolving government restrictions,” said easyJet.

“We know our customers are just as frustrated as we are,” she added.

On Monday, the government added seven Greek islands to the quarantine list, which means that people returning to England from these locations will have to quarantine for 14 days.

Johan Lundgren, president of EasyJet, told the BBC on Monday that the recent change in quarantine rules – meaning that islands could be treated differently from mainland countries if infection rates differed – was “too little, too late”. The peak. From the summer vacation season.

“This is something that we have discussed for a long time – it should not be a comprehensive tool when it comes to quarantine. It should be risk-based and a much more targeted approach,” he said.

In the airline’s latest statement, “After additional quarantine restrictions have been imposed on seven Greek islands and the continued uncertainty this brings to customers, demand is now likely to be affected more and thus less than previously expected,” said Mr Lundgren.

“We now expect flying will be just under 40% of our planned schedule for the current quarter.”

The airline said this would be achieved by “continuing to reduce the schedule as we continue to focus on profitable flying.”

Quarantine ‘unpredictable’

EasyJet, like other airlines, has been hit hard by closures and restrictions on travel around the world, with many announcing job cuts.

It previously said it would cut up to 30% of its workforce – nearly 4,500 jobs – as it grapples with the effects of the pandemic.

EasyJet said that in light of the “continuing level of uncertainty,” it will not maintain any financial forward-looking guidance for this or the next financial year.

“We know our customers are just as frustrated as we are,” said Mr. Lundgren. “Travel restrictions and quarantines are just as unpredictable.”

“We have required the government to choose a targeted, rational and more predictable quarantine system with a structure for several weeks so that clients can make travel plans with confidence.”

He added that it is difficult to overestimate the impact of “the epidemic and associated government policies” on the entire industry.

Mr Lundgren called on the government to provide “sector-specific aviation support”, with a host of measures including abolishing passenger air charges for a period of at least 12 months.

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