Duque calls lifting US sanctions on Venezuela a ‘victory of the diplomatic blockade’ | his mom

Victory for the “diplomatic fence” President Evan Duque described the Joe Biden government’s announcement as… Reducing some penalties imposed on Venezuela due to the violation of human rights.

Commissioner He emphasized that international pressure had forced Nicolas Maduro to sit down with the oppositionSeeking a return to democracy in that country, which would also allow it to recognize past abuses.

Talks resumed in Mexico, a victory for the Venezuelan democratic resistance, a victory for the diplomatic blockade, Because Maduro said he will not sit back until Alex Saab is released, and they did not release himOn the contrary, he was handed over and will continue to be pursued.”

Commissioner of Colombians insisted on the need to maintain this “diplomatic fence” Until democracy returns in the neighboring country and the Maduro dictatorship does not continue to perpetuate itself in power.

while, US Ambassador to ColombiaPhilip S. spoke. Goldberg on his government’s decision to ease some economic sanctions against Venezuela.

“Paying the opposition is also good, Guaido’s government wants to keep talking about a political solution (…) It is not an aid to Maduro, it is a way of trying to align with the policies of President Guaidó,” he noted.

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