Duel dynamo of the hosts’ hobby: beating Meyer! – Third Division

Saturday in the second division list: Dynamo vs Regensburg – the hosts’ hobby duel!

Captain SGD Tim Knipping (29) and guard yan Alexander Mayer (31) Not only are they friends – they also run the brunch restaurant Offside3 together in Regensburg.

how did that happen!

Both players switched to SSV in 2019 and lived in the same hotel for the first few weeks. Mayer: “A friendship developed immediately. What I liked about Tim was that he thought about time after his career so early.”

Knipping had already opened an Italian restaurant in Heidelberg. This is how the joint venture has matured.

Central defender Tim Knipping came to Dresden from Regensburg in 2020Photo: Olaf Rench

Meyer: “Then we loved eating out in Regensburg and trying different restaurants. We noticed that something modern for young people was missing in the city, especially vegetarian and vegan options. It must be healthy, especially for us athletes.”

Together they visited the stomach areas and developed ideas for recipes.

Mayer: “We searched Instagram and YouTube for trends in Australia, the USA and England. It usually comes later to Germany. We also tried things at home while cooking.”

This is how the bouncer discovered Knipping’s favorite food. “I just mixed avocado, fresh cream, and garlic together.”

Avocado spaghetti is now one of Knipping’s favorites on the menu.

The defender and goalkeeper now have a shared WhatsApp group with their team where new creations are shared. Knipping explains a lot in the background with his tax advisor, Meyer is on site in Regensburg nearly every day.

Captain Dynamo: “We’ve been on the same wave since day one, trusting each other 100 percent. He’s become one of my best friends.”

But in terms of sports, their situation before Saturday’s game is very different. Dynamo has not won 14 matches and is in serious danger of being relegated. He was almost jahn.

Isn’t that a pity for Meyer?

“I can understand his situation very well. We only saved ourselves on the last day of last season.”

How do the guys deal with each other before the match?

The guard reveals: “There are a few sayings. Knippser says he wants to hit me. But I don’t envy him for anything.”

Duel of hobbyists: who hurts whom?

Kenning: “The only thing that matters in our situation is that we win and collect points in the relegation battle.” At least that would taste good for a Dynamo fan…

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