Drama in overtime! Federation women lose EM final to England

It was 7:32pm London time when rows of players in green shirts sank into the sacred stadium. In the end, a major fight between German football players at the place of worship Wembley went unrequited. In the European Championship final against England, the Women’s League were unlucky to lose 1-2 (1-1, 0-0) after extra time. In the ninth final, in front of a record crowd of 87,192 spectators, this was the first defeat of the record European champion.


The German squad returned in a thrilling encounter after Ella Ton (62nd) was pushed back by Lina Magul (79) to force overtime. But substitute Chloe Kelly made the decision after a corner kick and confusion in the German goal area (111).

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg will have to console herself with the fact that her previously undefeated team has achieved much more in this tournament than anyone expected. It is no longer enough in this unfortunate way in front of the huge background, no one has to worry. This community has captured the hearts of millions of new fans back home. The National Coach never tires of emphasizing that there is a lot of quality in this close-knit community for the future. The World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand next summer. The 54-year-old had previously said: “You will lose matches in life. We are the first to congratulate fairly.”

Just as English pop singer Betty Hill’s opening show kicked off with great fanfare, the warm-up ended with a shocking moment: Captain Alexandra Pope, of all people, had to pass short with muscle issues, but she was. On the same day, Lea Schuler voted “Footballer of the Year” in the starting line-up for the first time after surviving the Covid infection. Without the six-time European Championship top scorer, the German team initially found it difficult to reach a difficult final.

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England were the strongest team, but apart from the direct shot of record scorer Elaine White (38) which just crossed the crossbar, the hosts did not have a clear chance. The two best chances came from a shot blocked by Sarah Dabritz (10) and a jam involving defender Marina Hegering (25). Otherwise, both finalists initially lacked offensive solutions. The fact that unsafe referee Katerina Munzul of Ukraine was repeatedly mistaken in evaluating the duel didn’t exactly help the flow of the match. Bitter from a German perspective: the referees and the VAR technology rejected a penalty kick for the German Football Association after a handball by Leah Williamson (27th place).

Halfway through, Tabea Waßmuth replaced Jule Brand, who had barely appeared – and also had her first chance from a tight corner, with England goalkeeper Mary Earps safely saved (48). Then Majul tilts the ball away from the goal (50 min). There is no doubt that DFB-Elf fared better in this confrontation against the exciting background. England coach Sarina Weigman responded by bringing in Alicia Russo and Toni, who quickly passed Katherine Hendrich after six minutes after a ball pass from Keira Walsh, then smashed the ball over goalkeeper Merle Frooms to make it 1-0.

But the guests were undefeated yet: Magul hit the crossbar (66), and the technically strong midfielder was much better after a superb move on the benches Sidney Le Mans and Wassmuth, scoring down the left to make it 1-1. Balance the widely celebrated German squad on the corner flag in front of the block with several black, red and gold flags.

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Not much happened in extra time – apart from a very unorthodox foot defense by Frohms (107). The German defenses were already weak – Sarah Dorsson had to play for the injured defender Hegerg. Perhaps one of the factors that made her lose direction after a corner kick – goal scorer Kelly ripped the rag from her body as Simone Lauder did when Germany won the 2007 World Cup in China.

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