Drama Claudia Filoria, a Colombian in Australia who seeks to help pay for cancer treatment

Until last August, 32-year-old Colombian Claudia Viloria Mendoza lived happily in Melbourne, Australia. However, since then, severe cancer has complicated his stay. And worst of all, he cannot cure the disease because his health insurance covers only part of it. He needs help.

Originally from Cartagena, she arrived as a student in Australia in 2019, and although she found friends who adopted her as a family, the past three months had a really bad time with the diagnosed cancer that he was so confused about. A time with a thyroid problem.

Claudia told her story through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, through which she seeks to pay for medical treatment that would allow her to save her life. In order to help her, some accounts in Latin America on social networks echoed the situation she is going through.

“I was recently diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma, which appears as an 11cm-high tumor in my chest. The type of cancer I have is aggressive and rarely affects people my age. The only option I have at the moment is to undergo a two-year complex chemotherapy, ”explained from St Vincent General Hospital.

Claudia said that since mid-August she began to feel difficulty breathing, as well as eating, and even sleeping, so she went to the medical center, where she was not diagnosed with cancer, but with conditions related to the thyroid gland and esophagus. However, after some time, while having dinner with a friend, his life took a turn.

“After mid-August I started feeling really bad, with symptoms like dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), shortness of breath when lying down, headache, chest and neck pain, and swelling in my throat. My doctor initially diagnosed me with thyroid problems and GERD” .

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He later added, “However, before I could attend my next medical appointment with my gastroenterologist, I couldn’t breathe at all after having dinner with a friend on October 9, so my friend called an ambulance, which took me to the emergency room From St Vincent’s General Hospital, where I’ve since been admitted.”

After that medical emergency, Claudia, one of the founders of Gals in Australia, An online community that supports Latina women living in this country To find a career job, you’ve received one of the hardest news for anyone, and even more so when you’re in another country.

“I had many tests that led to the diagnosis of T-cell lymphoma. Because of the aggressive nature of my cancerDuring the second week of my stay in the hospital, I began extensive chemotherapy. however, As I am not an Australian citizen, my private health insurance will only cover the minimal medical costs associated with my treatment. Also, because my condition threatens my life, returning to Colombia for treatment is not an option.”

In search of resources that would allow him to continue fighting for his life, he revealed his case on GoFundMe, while undergoing his first chemotherapy treatments, as stipulated in the protocol for the management of this disease.

“My only treatment option due to the rare and advanced nature of my diagnosis is the following chemotherapy protocols which can last up to two years. From now on, I am in the hospital until the completion of the protocol, after which I will receive chemotherapy every week for at least 4 days.”he completed.

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*If you would like to help Claudia, you can visit the GoFundMe portal or copy this link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-claudia-to-overcome-lymphoma-cancer.

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