Draghi closes the fence to the work of the next government

Commissioner Draghi used his farewell press conference to outline in black and white the area of ​​government action that would emerge from the elections now approaching: “loyalty to the European Union and NATO” and not to deviation. In short, there is no possibility of thinking and acting differently from the eternal past at the level of international politics.

Regarding Italy’s international position, Draghi repeated his indications. First of all, with regard to allies at the European level, which the outgoing prime minister warned, they should be selected on the basis of how well they are able to “protect and support” the interests of our country. Therefore, according to Draghi, he only speaks with Germany and France.

Draghi added: “In international relations, we need transparency. It requires consistency, not twists, turns and twists” because it is precisely ‘consistency and transparency’ that make up a country’s international standing. Their lack “weakens” it. As happened in the case of supporting Ukraine, in which he emphasized that the goal remains the military victory of Kiev and NATO.

“You can’t vote on sending weapons and then say ‘I don’t agree,'” said Draghi, without naming names. Before repeating the importance of sanctions against Moscow, the president asked himself: ‘They are working.’

I have normal relations with “Giorgia Meloni, as well as with other leaders”. Leaders who, in the event of an electoral victory, will be called upon to work hard: “There is still a lot to do. We have started a series of things but there is a lot of work to be done for the next government.” Not for the PNRR record, as “there is not much to review”.

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In the morning in La Stampa, an interview was published with the Vice-President of the European Commission, Dombrovskis, who argued much the same as Draghi: “Italy’s temptations to change the budget to respond to exorbitant energy should be avoided because it is necessary to maintain a judicious balance.”

And about the US intelligence report, Draghi explained that he spoke with US Secretary of State Blinken, who “confirmed the absence of Italian political forces in the list of those subject to Russian funding: US intelligence confirms that there is no evidence of a Russian presence.” Financing political parties and candidates for the upcoming elections.

So there is no interference in the upcoming elections, but since for Draghi and Dragians this is just a detail, the former prime minister had to add that “for at least 20 years, Russia” has carried out systematic corruption in business, the press and politics in many sectors and in many European countries and the United States.”

And so Draghi carried out his mission as political commissioner to the end, stating that whoever wins the election has to do the same things that his and all other strict Euro-Atlantic governments have done.

After he drew the fence and started the autopilot, he felt there was no need to put his face on it again, denying any further willingness to be Prime Minister (thus leaving Letta, Calinda, Renzi etc. with the match in hand). Anyone who climbs to the seat of Palazzo Chigi now has a clear idea of ​​which cage they will have to move into. unless….

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