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Can you imagine an airplane in which you can extend your legs completely horizontally, on an economy flight? This may be possible thanks to the design of a young Spaniard who has invented a seat with two snowflakes, which, although not allowing for an increase in the number of passengers, promises to revolutionize their comfort.

A young Spanish university student appeared at the popular aviation exhibition, Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), to present A prototype of the Chase Lounge (long seat) plane seats, consisting of two floors This generates a debate about its use.

it’s about Alexandre Nunez Vicente21, who is trying to change the paradigm that has appeared in commercial flights decades ago, along with so-called “low-cost” flights.

It is noteworthy that in the early 2000s there was a gap of about 86 cm between the ranks of the economy class. Now, the average is between 76 and 78, according to Publication rights.

Why double-decker planes?

It all started when 1.90m Alejandro Nunez, who studied engineering at TU Delft in the Netherlands, wondered how to optimize the space where it was impossible for him to put his legs up during plane flights.

After getting upset at not being able to stretch his long legs, this led him to create a Double seat aircraftto increase the plane’s space and allow passengers to place their limbs in a horizontal position.

And so, as mentioned country newspaperthe young man explained, “I would go back to Madrid on weekends, travel a few hours and have a hard time, so I didn’t even want to imagine what it would be like to travel long distances on those planes. This is where I started formulating the idea.”

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What do double-decker planes look like?

According to Business Insider The Airplane double decker seat prototypebased on the use of vertical space.

The project ‘chaise longue’ It proposes a two-tiered gazebo, with rows of seats at ground level, alternating with other seats raised to a higher height.

Double seater model, does not seek to increase passenger capacity on board, but maintains it. Additionally, it eliminates the overhead luggage compartment, so bags will be stored under the seats.

Francesca St | CNN
Double-decker planes
Economy long seat

Design controversy

The official prototype of the aircraft double-decker seat It was shown during AIX, one of the world’s largest aviation exhibitions, this week in Hamburg, Germany.

However, according to CNNT TravelWhile some marvel at Núñez’s innovation, others are shy, claustrophobic and convinced that sitting under someone else isn’t the best idea.

Of course, his creator says he’s open to any suggestion and he “hears more criticism and bad comments than good comments and flowers they throw at me.”

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