Donald Trump and Mauricio Macri met at the residence of former US President Palm Beach

Photo of the meeting in Mar-a-Lago, Miami. Along with Trump and Macri, Carlos Trujillo, former ambassador to the Organization of American States.

Former Presidents Donald Trump and Mauricio Macri today shared a lunch at the former US President’s Mar-a-Lago residence, in Palm Beach. The photo they both shared with the former US ambassador to the Organization of American States, Carlos Trujillo, It confirms the good relationship they have had over decades, both in business and in politics.

Trump is shown smiling in the photo, in the red hat that was his signature, with the legend Make America Great Again, a white jacket with the legend “President Donald Trump” and a shield, while the former Argentine president is also in good shape. mood. “Today I shared a lunch with Donald Trump, where we exchanged views on the global context, the connections between Argentina and the United States and everything our country can continue to build together.”Macri explained on his Twitter account.

Trump and Macri after lunch. "He abstains from eating but sometimes he can share a beer with a friend"Recognized collaborators.
Trump and Macri after lunch. The collaborators admitted: “He is a non-alcoholic but can often share a beer with a friend.”

The former Argentine president traveled to the United States earlier this week to fulfill commitments made with the University of Florida, where he is a visiting professor for a leadership course offered by this graduate school. Before, he was in Madrid, where, as President of the FIFA Foundation, he met Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA.

In this context, and because of their relationship of more than 40 years, the former President of the United States invited him to his residence, where the two had a meeting for about an hour and a half. As far as he can know InfobaeAnd the They talked about the political and economic situation in the hemisphere and how the bonds between Argentina and the United States will be strengthened in the future..

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The dialogue between the two former presidents takes place in the midst of a context in which Argentina maintains reciprocal relations with Washington. From facing Venezuela and Nicaragua and moving closer to China and Russia, Alberto Fernandez’s government in recent weeks – in the midst of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – has trained to line up.

Trump residence

In Mar-a-Lago, the former President of the United States focused most of his public activities, both those related to his role as head of a business empire and those related to political activism, while also where he spends a large part of your life with your family. Prior to this meeting, Macri was in Italy for the Bridge World Cup, where he ended up being disqualified “Little conjunctivitis”.

Trump and Macri have called each other “friends.” As a result of this good harmony, the United States was one of the main pillars of the Campimos government when it negotiated with the International Monetary Fund the loan of more than $ 50 billion, the most important in the organization’s history and which far exceeded the limit Which a country like Argentina can access.

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