Dominic Eggerter dominates the “battery-powered motorcycle”


Dominic Eggerter: “Battery Rossi” rocks the motorcycle world

How the former GP star saved his career with a great business model. He now leads two international rankings at the global level.

Dominic Eggerter with his battery powered motorcycle.

Photo: Marcel Pierre

First sensation: a garage boy from the village of Rohrbach in Bernese near Langenthal (1391 inhabitants) rises to the GP circus. 31-year-old Dominic Agerter has become one of the most popular singles athletes in the country.

The second and biggest sensation: He managed to save his career after being denied entry to the highest stage of MotoGP. He hired his 2-year-old brother as a manager and together they went on to revolutionize the motorcycle world.

Dominique Aegerter Becomes ‘Rossi’s Battery:’ What Valentino Rossi for years was the number 46 in the GP Circus, Dominique Aegerter is now with the number 77 on electric bikes: the sexiest and most exciting rider.

Maybe it’s unique: seven in one go

The Aegerter brothers’ business model is really cool. Intelligent Zurich lawyer Robert Siegrist organizes the ascent to the GP circus. But at the end of 2018, he retired from the motorcycle business. Certainly at peace. He doesn’t have the time for this intense delegation – and he’s either doing it right or not doing it at all.

His successor Oliver Imfield is completely confused and at the end of 2019, Aegerter is on the verge of ending his career. He is 29 years old, at his best racing age. But after 13 years in the GP circus, he could no longer find a place in the team. Existing to be attractive to advertisers only exists at the GP stage. or not?

Over the years, Kevin Eggerter has helped his famous brother. The auto-trained painter stays with the language in Welchland and Australia, with further training in sports management and marketing, and now knows the international motorcycle world. Fluent in languages ​​and with the savvy of the garage owner, he will now take over full-time management from Dominique Aegerter as of 2020.

The family established a village-based joint stock company (AD Kira AG) and registered it in the commercial registry for the purpose of “providing sports services”. The name means “AD” for Aegerter Dominique and Kira is the name of the family dog. Dominic Eggerter is the president, and brother is his employee.

And now it works. No, he’s not doing it for the money, says Kevin Aggerter. “Racing is our family’s passion and that’s what I work for. I earn no more than the average wage of a worker.”

In addition to the passion, it is the racing adventure that takes him and his brother around the world: to Australia, Indonesia and Argentina. Does he succeed if one is the boss of his older brother? “Yes, that works very well,” says Dominic Eggerter. “I can rely on Kevin one hundred percent and focus completely on the racing driver.”

The central point, however, is “the provision of sports services”. What sounds huge is very simple: the guarantee of athletic success. Remarkably: Aegerter won the World Supersport Championship in 2021. And this season, as the defending champion, he dominates this competition like no driver has ever done before: seven straight wins. Kevin Eggerter asks: “Do you know another Swiss who has won seven consecutive World Cups?”

No, right away we can’t name anyone. But the World Supersports Championships take place outside the Grand Prix circuit. Virtually without media attention. It is the fifth highest class of the Töff World Championships in the hierarchy. Aegerter gained the television presence in another competition – like other GP horses – initially discounted as “lawn mower racing”: the MotoE World Cup.

Dominic Eggerter at the Dutch Grand Prix in Essen.

Dominic Eggerter at the Dutch Grand Prix in Essen.

Photo: Valdemar da Ren/Freshfocus

The starting number 77 has long had a cult status

A racing series on battery-powered scooters, which is shown as a “green fig leaf” in the GP Support Program, and is shown regularly on state television. The Aegerter also dominates the races on quietly roaring “battery elephants”, which are 90kg heavier than the machines in the MotoGP class.

He has excellent chances of being the first Swiss in history (since 1949) to win two MotoGP competitions of the highest level: the World Supersports Championship and the MotoGP World Cup. He can compete in those two racing series next season as well. Aegerters can race at this level for five or six years. And after that it is still possible to drive in 40 long-distance competitions.

The starting number 77 has always had cult status, just like Valentino Rossi’s number 46. A month ago, Edox, patron of Dominique Aegerter watches, launched a special precious watch: only 77 numbered pieces. The copy costs more than 1,000 francs. More than 50 have already been sold.

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