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Surveillance camera capture


A Border Collie has gone viral on social media after coming to “seek help” at a police station in the UK. He was out for a walk with his owner when he freaked out about the fireworks and ran and ran.

A special call for help was received by police officers Loughborough, UKthat’s since even the police department A dog came “to ask for help” to reunite her family.

Everything happened after that Rosie He got lost while walking with his master after being frightened by fireworks.

Rosie, a 10-year-old Border Collie, went viral after arriving at a police station to “turn herself in” after her family searched extensively for her after she went missing on a walk, according to a statement. Profile personly.

what happened? Rosie was on a picnic with her owner, Steve Harper, 68, when He was afraid of some fireworks and ran away. The man said, “He is very afraid of them.” He searched desperately for his partner, without success.

However, surveillance cameras They caught the dog walking towards the entrance of a police station in the UK area, where she entered and turned around several times until she lay down next to the door.

After checking the animal’s collar, officers provided her name and owner’s contact information, so they quickly called Harper to let her know her loyal friend was safe. In return, while waiting for him to come looking for her, Rosie got watered down and pampered by the uniform.

“I was so happy and happy that he was so safe and so proud that he was smart enough to find his way to the police station.“The police called and asked if we had a black and white collie and that he turned himself in,” said Julie, Haber’s wife.

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