Do you know who Bonnie Tyler is? Age, Job, Biography, Spouse, Children, Private Life and Total Eclipse of the Heart

Gaynor Hopkins ( Neith And the Wales And the June 8 1951 ) known as First Name of art Bonnie Tyler it’s a Singer welsh And the Songwriter a woman Business And the Energetic Good lover. He has a very distinctive voice, like hoarse or scratchy.

Tyler started as a local singer in Swansea, best known for releasing his 1977 album The World Starts Tonight and the singles “Lost in France” and “More Than a Lover”. His song “It’s Heartache” was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, reaching number one in several European countries and breaking the US charts. In 1979 he won the 10th World Folk Song Festival with his song “Sitting on the Ocean’s Edge”. His career reached its peak in the 1980s with his collaboration with Jim Steinman, where he shot several successful films such as “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, “Hold Out for a Hero”, “If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)”, “Here she comes” and “Your love is a dirty business (but someone has to do it).

In the 1990s, he achieved additional success in continental Europe with singles such as “Bitterblue” and “Fools Lullaby”, with German producer Dieter Bohlen ( originator From the famous duo Modern Talking). Tyler has continued to be successful in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Back in the spotlight at the end of 2003 in France, Tyler released “Si demain… (Turn Around)” with Karen Anton, who held first place in France for ten weeks. In recent years, he has appeared on several British television programmes. For example, he made a great appearance in the British series Hollyoaks. He then toured with Robin Gibb in 2010 and with Status Quo in 2012.

His latest album, Rocks and Honey, had some success in Europe, with the single “Believe in Me” representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest, taking 19th place with 23 points. Tyler later won the ESC Radio Award for Best Song and Best Female Artist, making her the first British actress to receive two awards. His latest singles “This is Gonna Hurt” and “Love is the Knife” were released in August and September 2013 respectively, and in 2013 he toured in South Africa.

Tyler has collaborated with many singers including Cher, Meat Loaf, Mike Oldfield, Frankie Miller, Vince Gill and Andrea Bocelli and has released over 30 singles since 1983.

With a career spanning nearly four decades, she has won three Goldene Europa Awards, an Echo Award and has been nominated for three British Awards and three Grammy Awards. Her distinctive, hoarse voice, as a result of surgery to remove vocal nodules, drew comparisons with artists such as Rod Stewart and Kim Karnes, and she became known as the “first lady of rock”.

Private life

After the worldwide success of the 1980s, Tyler and her husband, Robert Sullivan, decided to try for a baby when she was 39 years old. Tyler had an abortion and then had no children.

Since 1988, Tyler and her husband have owned a home in Mumbles, Wales. He also owns a five-bedroom property in the Algarve (Albufeira, southern Portugal), after Tyler recorded one of his albums in the late 1970s and was where the couple spent most of the year. In 2005, Tyler was cast in a Polish television entertainment show called Zacisze Gwiazd, which explores the homes of famous actors and musicians. As of 2009, the property has been demolished and replaced with a 930-square-meter home overlooking Santa Eulalia Beach in Albufeira.

In a 2013 interview, Tyler stated that his New Zealand farm had been converted into a dairy, 12 years after he originally purchased the land. In the same interview, she also claimed that she owns a quarry with her husband.

Some of Tyler’s brothers have also been successful in the music business. His brother, Paul Hopkins, is lead singer of Swansea’s local band, Soul Capco. He co-wrote most of Tyler’s B-side songs in the 1980s, including “Time” and “Gonna Get Better”, as well as writing some songs for his own albums, such as All in “The Reason Why”. one vote. Tyler’s sister, Avis Hopkins, appeared on the soundtrack to Mal Pope’s musical Cappuccino Girls, performing “Today is my birthday.” Avis Hopkins changed her name in 1980 to Amanda Scott and released the song “Lies” in 1988.

Through her husband, Tyler became engaged to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and attended her wedding to Michael Douglas, singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

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