DNV’s final report findings on L12 collapse were based on Google Images and “we can’t accept it”: CDMX government

The Mexico City government This Wednesday he confirmed that he could not accept third report subordinate Det Norske Veritas (DNV) about the collapse subway line 12, Happened on May 3, 2021, because it shows Contradictions and contradictions In the methodology of conducting the analysis, especially since they report images Google Street Opinion for analysis.

“How can a company of this size establish the most accurate technical conclusion when Google warns itself of its limitations?” said the Minister of Works and Services. Jesus Antonio Esteve Madina El Monawara.

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Estefa Highlight the existence of inconsistencies in the final opinion of the second stage, where the company says that distortions rays On the collapse zone File not detected Simple visual examinationHowever, in the third report, on the basis of Street View from Google He says they were felt.

This despite the fact that The Google “The terms of service state that ‘actual conditions may differ from map results and content,'” the official said.

He pointed out that it was also recognized in the third report, as in the previous two reports, that there is design errorsHowever, the same document says that there is a possibility that a Routine inspectionas defined in the manual – which the company has already said is so inactive And need fixing – it can fix a serious design flaw.

to me Mexico City governmentThere is also contradiction By the company, indicating that there was no Reviews to me L 12However, in the first two reports, DNV acknowledged the existence of inspections in 2019 and 2020, in addition to the fact that the 2021 review contract was already in effect.

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Report has not been accepted before The Secretariat of the Comprehensive Management of Risks and Civil ProtectionThe owner said Myriam Urzua VenegasBecause he “did not comply with the terms of the contract and therefore did not allow the root cause of the failure to be clearly identified.”

“For these reasons, the company document has not been officially accepted before The Secretariat of the Comprehensive Management of Risks and Civil Protectionbecause despite responding to some of the observations we made, they are still being studied minus And Insufficient“, Sure Urzua.

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