DNV denies using Google Earth and Maps in the structural technical analysis of metro Line 12

The Norwegian company DNVwho made the third Root Cause Report from collapse Subway line 12denied using Google Earth images and Google Maps to perform a “technical-structural analysis” but to identify “valuable” items.

Previously, the metropolitan authorities indicated that in dnv third report Use of low-quality images obtained from the service Street View from Google To detect aberration errors in the northern ray greater than 7.62 cm. This is despite the fact that the local government warned him that “actual conditions may differ from the results of the maps and content”.

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According to the official letter from the company with the paper DNV-T1148816-046, dated February 25, in response to the official letter SGIRPC / DGAR / 0444/2022 sent by the Civil Protection on February 15, DNV states that the use of images from Google Earth and Google Maps They are not used to perform Structural Technical Analysis but to identify ‘Valuable’ items on Progress subordinate ruin which have been accumulated since 2014 and confirmed on site.

He also comments that they were considered at all times to consult with Mexican organizationon a practical and technical level, to the requirements of the project.

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