Djokovic’s coach Goran Ivanisevic on being in Australia: “His opinion on vaccinations has not changed”

Novak Djokovic Between his eyebrows, he raises his sixth Masters Cup next November. The Serbian reaches the final of the current season after reaching 90 titles Throughout his career with his overwhelming victories in Astana and Tel AvivAnd he is already preparing to attack the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin, his coach admitted Goran Ivanisevic a Sportssky Novosti.

After a year marked by the absence of Djokovic in two Grand Slams of the year, the current number seven in the world The crown can not be defended in Paris Percy And reduce your calendar: “It is clear that he will play in Turin, but the question remains whether he will go to Paris before that.”Ivanisevic commented, leaving in the air the Serb’s presence at the French Masters 1000.

ATP Finals

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This decision can Affect rolling and level Djokovic is in the Masters Cup, as he won’t be competing in any scheduled ATP 500 either, a problem that doesn’t seem to worry his coach after what he saw in the final month of competition: “He played amazing, especially in Astana. It’s as if he didn’t have to stop and the fact that he hasn’t played a tournament since Wimbledon.”

After the feud over the Nitto ATP Finals, Serbia’s tennis year will end except for a surprise, though expected Davis Cup, and the focus will begin on goal from then on the next day. Australian Openthe first major tournament of the season which, at the moment, Nol can attend: “Given that nothing has changed in their ideas about a vaccine, it remains to be seen what and how Australians will decide.” Ivanisevic points out.

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Withdrawal, far-thought

Finally, Goran Ivanisevic also had time to talk about Novak Djokovic retires As a result of Roger Federer’s recent dismissal from the ring, a circumstance remained apart from the Serbian: “He was always physically fit, and that wasn’t a problem at all. If he stays that way, I’m convinced he can stay at the top or near the top for another three years and fight for all the titles.

Having achieved it all, winning his 22nd Grand Slam title and reaching the Jimmy Connors titles could be a great source of motivation for Djokovic: “It’s all about a type of record that’s very interesting to Novak.The question remains how long he will play and how long he will lastbut for now I’m sure he can hit those records as well.”


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