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Congress resumed its plenary session at 3:30 pm after the decision of the Prime Minister, to ask a confidence question about a project seeking to be cancelled that .

However, at the beginning of the session, the President of Congress, Jose Williams Zapata, did not refer to the issue and brought up President asked To travel from November 24 to 29 to participate in the 17th Summit of the Pacific Alliance in Mexico and the 4th Binational Council of Ministers between Peru and Chile.

This is the signal from Congress:

Look: Anibal Torres: In which bill did the issue of trust affect you?

The standard the government questions – and around which it raises a question of trust – amends Sections 40 and 44 of the Citizen Participation and Control Rights Act (Law 26300). The changes approved by Congress reaffirm that any constitutional reform initiative submitted to referendum must first pass through Congress, according to the procedure set forth in Article 206 of the Constitution.

And according to Article 133 of the constitution, “in the event of a vote of confidence,” a comprehensive cabinet crisis occurs (the resignation of all ministers and the appointment of a new team). also, It states that the president is “authorized to dissolve Congress” if the aforementioned request for “two Cabinets” is denied.

Follow the details here:

Watch here the Anibal Torres show:

Last week, Anibal Torres announced a matter of confidence, but for Project 1704/2021-PE, which by the Constitution Commission. The Executive Branch initiative sought to repeal Act 31355 developing the trust issue that was approved on October 21, 2021 at the insistence of the plenary session of Congress.

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The Prime Minister had announced his decision to insist on this number, after the House of Representatives rejected it for its first circulation. According to Torres, the issue of trust only arises when it is presented and supported in plenary session.

Previously, the President of Congress, José Williams, had informed him that his first request was “inadmissible” because it referred to actions “consistent with the exclusive and exclusive powers” of Parliament.

Then, before a new speech from the Prime Minister, Williams informed Zapata that he would be able to go to .

“I reiterate that any question of trust shall be raised in accordance with our Basic Provision, Section 86 of the Bylaws of the Congress of the Republic, and Act 31355, the Act Advancing the Practice of the Question of Trust, as stated in our previous communications.”said the Speaker of Parliament.

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