Digitization in rural areas

Municipal lighthouse projects Digitization in rural areas

Whether it’s village chatting or digital health services: projects are being sought from rural areas for the “Digital Places in the Land of Ideas” competition.

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More than half of Germans live in small and medium-sized villages and towns (here: Scheidegg im Allgäu)

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Making digital projects and ideas visible outside urban areas is the joint goal of the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative and the German Fiber Optic Group with the “Digital Places in the Land of Ideas” competition. Suitable bids can be submitted as part of the competition until April 4th.

“We are looking for digital solutions that are effective from all areas of rural life, have modular impact, are scalable, such as a virtual marketplace for local suppliers, a digitally serviced town hall, a village chat that enhances cohesion on-site or in a digital health show and much more,” he says. organizers. It doesn’t have to be a complicated show.

More often than not, digital advancement is associated with megacities and urban areas. Ute Weiland, General Director of the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative, explains through our competition. A large number of innovative digital beacon projects will appear here, often without public interest. “We want to give these projects a stage with our competitors,” Weiland confirms.

Project managers from management, business, rural politics, non-profit initiatives, arts and cultural institutions, universities, social and ecclesiastical institutions, initiatives, clubs, associations, cooperatives, and private entrepreneurs can apply. Then a jury of experts selects the ten best projects from all submitted applications.

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