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The current trend worldwide is the promotion of digital payment systems. Global companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple or Samsung already offer this type of technology to their users, and it is known as or wallet. With the epidemic, the use of these devices has spread, as they allow financial operations to be carried out from a cell phone without a connection.

Digital wallets are based on NFC name recognition (Near Field Communications), a technology that allows data to be transferred between nearby devices. Thus, for example, we can make payments in institutions Just by bringing our smartphone close to the point of sale.

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To use one of these tools, you must first download the application to your cell phone. Once this is done, we can store our credit or debit cards, and then, make purchases in stores, online, through the same application and even withdraw money from ATMs.

In addition, to protect the security of users, digital wallets do not store card numbers or personal data uploaded to a cell phone.

Many technology companies currently offer their own portfolio, and here are the main ones:


Apple Pay is the mobile payment service from the company with Little Apple. It was first used in 2015 on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. According to the company, Each time the user initiates a transaction, a random one-time token is generatedwhich avoids having to submit the user’s debit or credit card number.

Recently, Apple announced at its developer event that its payment app will soon have the option to pay for the service or consumer product in up to four interest-free installments, up to a maximum of six weeks from the initial payment. However, this feature will now only be available in the US.

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Samsung Pay allows you to make virtual purchases.  (Photo: Juan Lopez Coya)
Samsung Pay allows you to make virtual purchases. (Photo: Juan Lopez Coya)

The Asian company also has its own wallet, Samsung Pay, which can now be used not only from branded devices, but through Any device running Android 6.0 or later.

Previously, and as is often the case with most of these financial apps, the service could only be used if you had a Samsung device. A few days ago, the company announced that it is working on a patch to resolve this limitation.

The Google

google wallet.
google wallet. / google wallet

The tech giant recently said that a new payment service in Google Wallet is coming very soon and will replace the existing Google Pay. Although at first it will not have a presence in all the countries of the region, it will gradually descend into them.

Google Wallet will integrate new functionality, such as the ability to add, in the future, a driver’s license.

The new wallet will interact with Android in a deeper way, so that the user has greater integration between Google apps and their cards.

Thus, for example, if we have a flight and we save the ticket in the wallet, it will give alerts about last-minute changes, delays, among other things and everything automatically. Or if we go to a concert, we will receive notifications about our tickets.

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Mark Zuckemberg’s Meta company has its own payment method: Facebook Pay. It is a platform where payments can be made in the services of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger (All Meta Companies) without having to leave these apps.

However, the company’s head has just confirmed that Facebook Pay will be renamed Meta Pay, which will be a digital wallet for the metaverse, but it will still offer the same features as its predecessor.

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