Di Maio’s proposed appointment: just a symptom of the looming disasters that Italy must face

The proposal appoints the well-known “Gigeno” Di Maio as the envoy of the European Union representative to the Arab Gulf states (as previously selected by the “competent offices” of the Brussels bureaucracy in a shortlist of four names, among which are the other three [apparentemente per ora scartati] The current data of professional qualifications far superior to those of the well-known local “Giggino” would be nothing more than the unfortunate consequence of the sum of two more serious and imminent catastrophes, to which Italy is exposed today, willingly or unwillingly in coping. The first, the increasing state of dysfunction of the institutional system of Italian politics. The other, the simultaneous emergence, in a progressive form of the pernicious ineffectiveness of the existing gigantic European bureaucracy, renders the European Union, as it is today, an organization lacking the essential legal and institutional requirements for its own political subjectivity in the international context. (… unlike the long-awaited United States of Europe … lost the dream …), whose member states would instead have a basic need! The problem, therefore, goes far beyond the aforementioned unfortunate circumstance of the well-known “Giggino”, which will turn out to be only the innumerable unfortunate allusion given to us by the corrupt deterioration of the bureaucracy in Brussels, of which at the head is only a senior official (of all nations members) is the European Commission, whose current president owes his election to this position to the few parliamentary votes in his favor in Strasbourg given by the 5-star movement belonging to Di Maio… choice, because it seems that the real facts of history reveal, on the contrary, the debt of gratitude from “Gigino” to him … and certainly not the other way around)!
In particular with regard to our former Secretary of State, his inexperience due to the physical lack of specific professional preparation for this very important operational role in the international arena also contributed, in fact, to causing objectively unfavorable situations for our clients. A state with relatively unhappy consequences that cannot be easily remedied. It is precisely from this together with the imminent catastrophe of the European Union (from which it is not, in fact, necessary to get out, because it no longer exists, but must instead be wholly re-established to serve the common good of the citizens of all the member states), has been Talking about it in two of my recently published articles on current historical and political affairs.

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Antonio Belloni

(Author of “What a Summer! What Are We Doing?”) https://youtu.be/eBg1tg1Bsls ; and “L” Italia’s “La Guerra! Fear of the Future?” https://youtu.be/AWDqW8X4Nh4 )

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