Deutschlandsberger Lifestyle Club: Creating more ‘space’ for young people

The Deutschlandsburger Lifestyle Club wants to recreate the alternative scene in Deutschlandsburg. This is intended to provide more entertainment and space for youth to develop.

Deutschlandsberg. annoying wolf smoke, founder and president of the association “Deutschlandsberger Lifestyle Club” (DLC), unfortunately little is currently happening in Deutschlandsberg and in the entire region in the youth sector. Join Deutschlandsberg Municipal Council with the goal of working for young people – so that something really changes in this area, he founded This year in May The new club DLC. It is hoped to work with the community in the future.

where is the problem?

DLC Board Member Marcel Rauch He is about 17 years old and in the middle of his juveniles. “Now is the time for festivals – eg Oktoberfest or fire brigade festivals. But other than that during the year, very little happens for young people. There are certainly one or two bars, but very few events,” says the HTL student Bulme. Moreover Luca Giuliani He is a member of the association’s board of directors and can tell from his teenage sister that young people literally “cry” for more entertainment opportunities.

Over ten years ago she was in Deutschlandsberg young’s Center Given. “This has consistently set up a concert chain in the fields of metal and alternative music as well as sporting events and a variety of events. All this is now missing,” sighs Wolf Rauch. With the Deutschlandsberger Lifestyle Club, they now want to create an extension of the offerings already in Deutschlandsberg.

“For example, there’s the ‘live in front of town hall’ party series or the cultural group. It’s well set up and covered, but there’s not much in between. And we want to bridge those gaps.”
wolf smokehead of the DLC

Are there enough recreational opportunities for young people in the region?

new wind

Just as the club does not want to be limited to young people only, they also want to participate in Planning for future events Do not put it in the tray. First of all, one sees the possibility Parties To organize – you will already have the technical knowledge in the club anyway. There are real experts among the seven people involved in the association: David Diebold, one of the four members of the Guild Council, a professional drummer, for example. Of course, Wolf Rauch – currently in the band “Cynic Circus“And the former organizer of the Revelation Feast concerts – with experience in the music sector. Luca Giuliani is an electronic music producer and the name is given to him”crank star” a favour.

That’s how it was event kick off From DLC Concert: “Aufhoisln” sold at Hofkollektiv Wieserhoisl. Two more events fixed at once”Garage assault“With” AMP Bluesband “at” Domis Fit Garage “on October 25. On November 12, there will be a first at Laßnitzhaus Deutschlandsberg”DLC Metalfest“With five regional teams. These three events should become an annual event in the future. But it is not only music lovers that the club should serve: they also want to offer sporting events and a variety of workshops. Moreover, they hope to be able to get On the club room in the future.

Among the remaining members of the association Domi feathersowner of a fitness studio and personal trainer in Deutschlandsberg, Barthol Josipovic By Bazn Sounds Event Technique and Thomas Reinischa recording studio operator at Frauental.

Wolf Rauch said: “We quickly found a number of great sponsors who would support us in our plans!” DLC would like to thank 2B Drinks, Digital nova, dotcom, Volksband Steiermark, TDK and Kaiser Systeme.

The club is open Facebook and above Instagram to exist.

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