Deputy Leva (PS) rushes to start the security committee session to avoid being censored and ends up tendering his resignation

During Wednesday in the House Committee on Citizens’ Security, the head of the department, Raul Leyva (PS), wanted to avoid being censured after submitting a request from the opposition and finally submitting his resignation from the administrative position.

Determined after the members of the opposition members of the body He accused him of starting today’s session at a time outside what was agreed upon to avoid the presence of those who wanted to approve his censure during the vote.

According to the lawmakers’ claim, the members of the commission agreed via a WhatsApp group to start the session at 5:45 pm, that is, 15 minutes later than it was officially stipulated, due to a joint session between the two chambers that was taking place. To visit the President of Croatia.

however, Leyva started the meeting around 5:30 pm, when members of the opposition were not present. Thus, the pro-government deputies proceeded to vote on the censure presented by the opposition, in the midst of an attack to retain the presidency of 13 committees after Vlado Mirošević won the presidency of the Front, at the expense of Chile’s options. Let’s go, PDG and Republicans – which was rejected because it had no upvotes.

After the arrival of the opposition parliamentarians, Jorge Alessandri, chair of the Democratic Union benches, criticized Leiva’s actions. He added, “It is a coincidence that many of us here are chairmen of the court or parliamentary committees, and we were in agreement (…) The spirit of the committees’ agreement was that it starts at 5:45 p.m. (…) Therefore, I recognize the chairman of the committee for his dynamism, speed, and ability to go into detail about what arose out of the committees’ meeting.”

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The trade union legislator added that “I was complicated today because I had to discuss censorship and see Leva’s behavior twice when he was president, and it was difficult for me to find snares, cunning positions, and it was difficult for me to find an argument for this censorship. With what happened today, he gave me arguments, so I came to provide an oversight with all strength, faith and desire.”

“It seemed to me that it was a legal move, according to the regulations, right, but it’s not the spirit that I’ve seen, so I see a change in the way he leads this committee, and that change makes it a lot easier for me to argue oversight.” – In the next session – which I present at this moment, ”Alessandri confirmed before Representative Leva resumed the conversation and announced his resignation from the commission, asking those present to support his decision “unanimously.”

As confirmed by Leva L thirdResigned For the sake of unity and action that the committee should develop, given the importance of its function, also, recognizing the divergence of the political majority, That is why I speak of a lesson that one cannot, personally, distance oneself from the role one plays, that in politics not everything goes and that regulations must be applied not only when it suits me, but always.”

Attorney B. s. “After this session, the right takes a double lesson. First of all, in politics not everything goes smoothly, especially with regard to security where agreements are required and not pleadings of platitudes”, and secondly, he said that “by promoting censorship, what the opposition has done is take care in the literal sense, viz., A stratagem provided for in the regulation of the House of Representatives allows him to represent or censure the person who assumes the office of the Presidency.

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“In my case, there was no blame, quite the opposite and it was declared a political issue.”Because of the measure introduced by the opposition, Leva said.

After the setback suffered by the opposition, Leva will continue to head the Citizen Security Committee pending the next session – which will be held on December 21 – when his resignation must be accepted by its members or not.

Meanwhile, the head of the National Front’s deputies board and a member of the committee, Andres Longton, stated during today’s session that “Obviously this oversight is political, and it is clearly political, because in a democracy the majority has to operate in spaces of power like this, as presidencies are to be exercised by those who are represented by the majority in their provinces.”

According to Longton, “We tried to build a majority side by side, and it didn’t work. It was not achieved by our decision but by yours (the government). Build something similar to the Senate, where the majority was a reflection of what Parliament is and that is through presidencies, so there is no need for scandal.”

“(Leyva’s decision to resign) seems correct to me, we will accept it. It is difficult to make these decisions with someone who has a degree of personal and political affinity, in all honesty, but the majority has to work according to popular sovereignty.”Close the deputy.

As Security Committee member Gloria Navillan (PDG Independent Bank) told this paper:Taking advantage of the circumstance, Leva announced the start of the session and asked if it was possible to change the table, which, of course, the deputies present gave him unanimously and simply, he asked that the censors be voted on first and all this was done in leaps and bounds. .

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At 5:40 p.m., everything was already tied and hallowed and the table change was voted on. Censorship fell “, The district attorney indicated 22.

Regarding the change in the call-up schedule, he confirmed that What Leva said was: I adhered to it, I am a lawyer, and adhered 100% to the regulations. The message that Landero sent said that the start can be delayed by 15 minutes, and it did not mention that it was delayed, rather it could be delayed and we started the session at 5:30 pm, which is the normal start time for the session,” confirming that It was a move to take advantage of the circumstances.”

He also pointed to Representative Alexis Sepúlveda (The Radical) – who replaced Andres Guani – as one of the legislators who prevented Leiva’s resignation, which would allow the speedy election of a new president.

“I don’t know what his interest is in this. What Sepúlveda did was unnecessary and at the end of the day he offended Leiva and never understood him. Leva wanted to go out like a gentleman today and Sepúlveda wouldn’t allow it,” Navellan stated.

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