Dennis Quaid, Lucy Liu and Gabrielle Union join Jake Gyllenhaal in the animated film Strange World

What characters will the actors say?


Strange World, a new Disney animated movie: release date and photos

First, let’s briefly analyze the plot of the cartoon. The story focuses on the family clade, legendary explorers who enter a world completely different from the one we know. Members are grandpa Jaeger Clydevoiced by Dennis Quaid, Then We Found EthanJaeger’s nephew who has the voice of Jabuki Young White. To continue here longitudewife Clyde SeekerVoiced by Gabrielle Union and her husband, Jake Gyllenhaal. Finally, Lucy Liu was chosen to have her say Callisto MalCape Avalonia, the wonderful region where the events strange world. On June 6, Walt Disney published a Trailer teaser The film is less than a minute and a half long, as it shows us some of the adventures of the Clyde family. As we read in the superimposed writings, ‘Nothing shall be as it seems in this world’ and it is, because we see rocks that separate from mountains and walk alone, or flying fish or beasts with great tentacles. In one of the presented dialogues we see the leader of Avalonia (Lucy Liu(which addresses researcher Clyde)Jake Gyllenhaal): “If you want to back out, now is the time to do it.” To answer “Really?” Of the scholar Clyde, Callisto Malle replied firmly: “No! I’m making fun of you. Let’s make history.” He will be the director of the film Don HallWhich boasts of other animated films like Winnie the Pooh – new adventures in 100 acres of wood (2011), Big Hero 6 (2014), Oceania (2016) and Raya and the last dragon (2021).

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The animation feature will be visible in all cinemas starting from Wednesday 23 NovemberThanksgiving eve in the USA. The Thanksgiving It is one of the most important annual events in the United States of America, which is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November, which in 2022 will be the 24th of the month. The party was organized as A sign of gratitude to God for the harvest and for what has been said over the past year. Among the most classic foods to be consumed, of course, there is the wonderful food Stuffed Turkey Which is generally eaten at home to strengthen ties with the family. The release in cinemas scheduled for November 23, in this sense, can favor good box office returns precisely because it will be a festive weekend.

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