Denmark and Finland, Best Fan Award

They share the award for their sportsmanship during the duel that Christian Eriksen fainted in the middle of the match


bulges Denmark And the FinlandFor their behavior on the day Christian Eriksen went into cardiac arrest during Euro 2020, they were awarded the 2020 Fan Award at the ‘The Best 2021’ gala held in Zurich (Switzerland).

With this honor we wanted to reward the amazing behavior of the fans of both teams afterwards Eriksen You will collapse on the turf field PARKIN from Copenhagen.

Tears and signs of anxiety and grief were seen on the field and in the stands. It gave fans a real lesson. During resuscitation maneuvers Eriksen Fans were asked to remain in their seats over the megaphone, and while the uncertainty still prevailed, they began to sing: the Finns shouted “Christian” and the Danes answered “Eriksen.”

Soon it was rumored that the Danish international was conscientious and stable and the crowd exploded with joy in an atmosphere of brotherhood. Danish fans and Finnish-Brazilian Marivaldo exempt Francisco da Silva from the list of winners of this award.

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