Del Potro in Switzerland: started a new treatment to heal his knee | After returning to Buenos Aires, the man from Tandil became very close to Basel

Participation by Juan Martin del Potro Last week at the Argentina Open, in his re-appearance on the tennis court after 965 days of absence, he left two absolute referees behind. hand after Two and a half years without playing and four surgeries In the right knee, his physique is not in good shape for high performance. Not to mention the elite you belong to. On the other hand, the most important ones are: Del Potro did not withdraw, and before the consultations, he made it very clear.

I do not rule out continuing to consult doctors Until someone says to me, “Your problem lies elsewhere,” as happened with (Andy) Murray, who was able to play again, or with Pablo Andujar, who is my friend and has undergone five surgeries, or many other tennis players who have gone through this. One day things will change and everything will be for the better.” Number three in the former world hope With the intention of keeping the door open One last miracle

In this sense, the man from Tandil wasted no time. distance A night of gratitude to him at the Argentine Openwhose main stadium was packed with five thousand people who gave him the love he needed, Spent a few days in Miami and this week arrived in SwitzerlandA, perhaps reminiscent of the third of the four surgeries he underwent between 2019 and 2021.

In August 2020, after his first two operations, she is 33 years old Under the knife for the third time in BernSwitzerland, with the prestigious Roland Biedert, Roger Federer’s highly trusted doctor. That Swiss plan did not produce the expected results, and in March last year, there was a fourth attempt in Chicago Tucumán surgeon Jorge Shahla.

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At this time del Potro returned to Switzerland, though this time It is located in Muttenes, a small town with a population of about 20 thousand people, just eight kilometers east of Basel. In that unknown area it was found Rennbahnklinik, a sports rehabilitation center The most valuable in the world, where they tend to attend, for example, the Swiss Olympic team and the professional squad of Basel, the Swiss Super League football team. there He’s the same guy from Tandil A new treatment has already started these days, different from all previous treatments, which included conservative methods and stem cell experiments. As well expressed, he will not give up: He continues to try to heal his knee, This time with another kind of alternative, although he will no longer feel pressured to return.

Through the intestines of the Rennbahnklinikwhich celebrated at least 40 years of experience and was attended by countless athletes, including many of the world’s best tennis players. Top seed Novak Djokovic underwent surgery on his right elbow in 2018in a secret surgery that was announced as soon as it was over. Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, fourth in the standings, entered the operating room in November 2021also with its right elbow, and it appears in the first picture that can be seen after opening Site for the facility.

There was also Spaniard Pablo Andujar, 36, currently 74th in the world, who had five surgeries In the right elbow between 2015 and 2018 to return to the courts constantly. Winner of four ATP titles, “Friend” in Delpo’s own words, it would have been the perfect bridge to realize the new visit from Tandil to Swiss soil. It seems that the mention of his name by the Argentine star, who measures every word he says in public, was not at all random. Del Potro’s new research is underway. Will there be room for another miracle?

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