Davis Cup: A sure place between Argentina and Finland

chain between Finland-Argentina Already a stage and the European Community confirmed that Espoo Metro Arena It will be the venue where the Finns will host Argentina, in the first week of February, for the Davis Cup qualifiers. The winner will advance to the group stage of the 2023 Finals.

Since successfully facing India in 2021, Finland has always chosen Espoo (the second city in the country, behind only Helsinki) when it’s its turn to host. They then lost to Belgium in the 2022 qualifiers, but returned there to host New Zealand victorious in the Group A play-off in September.

Meanwhile, after beating the Czech Republic in the 2022 qualifiers, Argentina played in the group stage of the Davis Cup Finals in September. The Albiceleste team, champions in 2016 in Bologna, lost to Italy, Sweden and Croatia.

In February 2023 there will be the second confrontation between them for the Davis Cup. They clashed Helsinki in 1960 A 5-0 victory for the Albiceleste, who played with duo Roberto Oboni and Eduardo Soriano.

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