David Raum: The miracle of the Hoffenheim winger

If a striker has to make way for another attacker after 56 minutes, this is usually not a big deal as long as that striker’s name is not Cristiano Ronaldo and is irreplaceable. Bebo’s sense, however, took its place in an apparent bad sense, probably because of his tormenting conscience. In the said 56th minute, 27-year-old Bebo missed a few ‘indispensable’ scoring chances, so he was still 0-0 at the time of his exchange between 1. FC Köln and TSG Hoffenheim in particular he deserved.

Bebo missed his best chance after the break when a cross from the left wing caught him. The nearest defender from Cologne was about half a day away, the ball came perfectly and the target was open to him like a triumphal arch of a Roman emperor. But instead of hitting the big target, Bebou hit the narrow post. Five minutes after being substituted, teammate Stephan Bosch showed him how to do it better. A score of 1-0 was enough for TSG, despite bitter efforts from Cologne, to win and provisionally advance to Schlossaly-Hoffenheim now in the Champions League and, according to Sunday’s respectable match, this is neither coincidence nor evidence of a general. Assessment of quality weaknesses in the German Bundesliga.

TSG Director Alexander Rosen has extended Raum’s contract after just six months

Fourth place and fourth win in a row have many reasons, the main reason being the cross passes from the left, which also reached their goal with pinpoint accuracy in Cologne-Mungersdorf. David Raum, 23, has developed this discipline into his personal mastery. In terms of goal setting, he is in competition with the league’s top leaders and thinkers. Thomas Muller – 19 models – tops the list so far, followed by Christopher Nkunku, Marco Reus, Florian Virts, Vincenzo Grifo – and Raum.

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Discoveries such as the space ensure that the regional club, with all due respect, has secured a place in the upper reaches of the Premier League. Hoffenheim was already raving about the space when he conducted the run with his hometown club SpVgg Greuther Fürth in the second tier. When TSG announced the free transfer in January 2021, a few competitors who were also interested in the international under-21 tournament thought it was a shame, but what they didn’t suspect was that the transfer was more than a bit of an inconvenience. to have a defect.

After helping Forth to climb up with 15 assists, Raum quickly continued his career in TSG: he immediately became a regular player, made himself indispensable in TSG’s offensive game and established himself in the national team after his debut in September. TSG director Alexander Rosen stunned by the rapid development, Raum’s contract for a better wage after just six months, allegedly having an exit clause guaranteeing the club at least 30 million euros. Rosen said there were some expectations about the space, “but he has surpassed them at full speed.”

The team that is currently giving Hoffenheim the most success must also be the team of the future. Raum is the fifth player to extend his contract with TSG in the winter. By the way, there is another signer called Ihlas Bebou. So he will still have some chances to do better than facing Cologne.

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