Daredevil wears the red outfit from the Netflix series in the new Disney poster for the Avengers Campus attraction!

during the D23 . GalleryThere was also a space for an advertisement related to gardens Disneyland More specifically to expandAvengers campus (which recently opened in the garden in Paris).

We’re talking about a new attraction called “King Thanos‘, which will be heavily inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will include a variety of Thanos Who won the final battle against the Avengers, and became king of the universe!

For now, the California park has been announced to open, but presumably we’ll soon find out more information about other parks as well. Also, at the moment, there are no further details on what kind of attraction it will be.

In the concept art released online (inspired by the covers of Secret Wars), we can see several Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes against King Thanos… also including Devil daredressed in the same red and black outfit seen in the three seasons released on Netflix, complete with sticks!

At this point, will this be the outfit that Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will also wear at various Disneyland attractions? Also, according to many fans, it could be a sign of how sacred he is Daredevil Marvel In the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity, but there are currently no actual confirmations on this issue yet.

Whatever happens, it’s yet another proof of Daredevil’s importance in the MCU, as Disney itself had already predicted!

Here is the concept:

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