Dame M wants to represent Australia again at Eurovision 2023: “I’m very interested”

Last week SBS confirmed the cancellations of its previous picks in recent years, and Australia decides. The broadcaster issued its final decision in a statement, confirming that the country’s next representative will be chosen internally. Reaction to the news was not long in coming, and several artists from the Australian music scene have announced their intention to represent the peripheral country in Liverpool next May.

Perhaps the most famous of these is Dami M, the Australian representative at Eurovision 2016 and silver medalist at that festival, right behind the Ukrainian beauty. The singer commented on Aussievision’s Facebook page that she was interested in competing in the primary nomination, but if it was an internal election, “she’s very interested”.

Previous participants from Australia would also like to have their chance

Dami Em has already experienced Eurovision seven years ago with sound of silence, but in the case of Voyager, Jaguar Jonze, and Sheppard, it will be new. They have each come close to representing Australia at Eurovision in previous editions of the tournament Australia decidesSo they are now looking for their chance in the internal elections.

the passenger

The Voyager group is ranked second Australia decides This year, they were just a few points behind the winner, Sheldon Riley. The band also commented on Aussievision’s Facebook post, saying they were interested in an internal election by SBS, “It would be an honor for us to make the trip”.

Jaguar Jaguar

Behind last year’s Voyager was Jaguar Jonze, a regular on the Australian shortlist, who first competed in the 2020 edition, the year the Rotterdam Festival was cancelled, and Montaigne’s participation pushed back to 2021. Tweet: “Happy to cancel my hair date in May to represent Australia on the world stage.”

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It was Sheppard’s group, who was present at the inaugural edition of Australia decides In 2019, he also showed interest in Facebook by positioning himself as an understudy for Australian SBS. On that occasion they finished third, behind that year’s winner, Kate Miller-Heidke, and the duo of Electric Fields.

If the Australian channel finally decides to choose one of the three, we can find a curious fact that she would not be the only artist on the Eurovision stage who would have passed before. Australia decides. Cyprus has already confirmed that its representative in 2023 will be Andrew Lambro, an Australian by birth and participant in the last edition of the ocean preselection, coinciding with Jaguar Bronze and Voyager.

Australia will again select its artist internally for the first time since Jessica Mauboy in 2018, with the exception of Montaigne being selected in 2021 due to the pandemic. Since 2019 they have made their initial selection, and from it, in addition to Montaigne herself, Kate Miller-Heidke is out in 2019 and Sheldon Reilly in 2022. We’ll have to wait a few more months to find out who will be selected by SBS on the Liverpool stage.

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