Dad Stop Embarrassing, Netflix Cancels Comedy With Jamie Foxx After Only One Season

Comedy multi-cameras Dad stop embarrassing me Produce and explain Jamie Foxx It was officially canceled by Netflix after one season of 8 episodes. to me Limit, in fact, Foxx himself was among the decision makers who canceled the show, and that’s also for excellent relationship Owned by the actor with the broadcasting giant.

This is the official summary of the show:

Brian Dixon, a successful bachelor and businessman, became a full-time father to his teenage daughter, Sasha. In an effort to become the perfect father figure, Brian will seek help from his father and sister, but Sasha will also need all the help he can get to understand this new, loving and messy person. Filled with fun and emotional moments, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me is inspired by the true relationship between Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne Foxx, who also appeared as executive producer“.

The trend has been handled by Ken WhittinghamWhich is famous for working in works of caliber Grace and Frankie, Black Ash, Parks and Recreation And many other things. Before the streaming season arrived, Netflix announced the renewal for two more seasons, and it’s clear that it played a lot before the poor reviews the series received, which is honestly embarrassing.

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