Dachser grows in the region of Würzburg

At the groundbreaking ceremony in Dittelbach, from left: Thomas Polis-Lienberger (AEW), Christoph Klampfel (Goldbeck), Jürgen Welcher (Panatoni), Matthias Bielik (Mayor of Dittelbach), Robert Finster (Deputy District Director of Kitzingen, Alfred Miller, Jan Oliver Schneider (both Dachser. (Source: Dachser)

Logistics provider Dachser is building a 10,000 m² contract logistics hall with 15,000 pallet space in Dettelbach in the Kitzingen region. A symbolic groundbreaking ceremony took place last Friday.

In the new logistics facility, Dachser will primarily handle contract logistics for clients in the industrial goods and food sectors. This includes transportation, warehousing, and additional customer-specific services such as picking and packing as well as display creation. Completion is scheduled for mid-2023.

“We are investing in the future of the Würzburg site and enabling growth for our customers and potential new customers. Transportation and warehousing from a single source reduces complexity, and our multi-user approach creates synergies for our customers,” says Alfred Miller, Managing Director of Dachser Food Logistics.

Dachser has been represented in the Würzburg region since 2001 with its logistics center in Kürnach. There, approximately 170 employees handle 574,200 shipments annually on an area of ​​7,200 square meters for customers from the industrial goods and food sectors.

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