Cycling: Ukraine’s Biryukova breaks Australia’s dominance in Thuringia

Status: 05/28/2022 5:53 PM

The first four stages of the Thuringia Women’s Tour went to the Australians. Julia Perioqua ended this winning streak on day 5 and took the lead in the race around the Gotta.

Ukraine’s Julia Biryukwa won the fifth stage of the 34th Tour of Thuringia in Gotha on Saturday (28 May 2022). The 24-year-old from Lemberg, who competes with France’s Arkea Pro Cycling team, rode nearly 100km at the top.

She crossed the finish line in 3:31.41 hours, four seconds behind. “It was a tough race but I’m very happy, it was my first win”Biryukova said.

Once again the best Germans Bauernfind

After 133.1 kilometres, Alexandra Manley of Australia and Marta Lach of Poland took the other lead on the podium. The best German was again Ricarda Bauernfeind in eighth place. The Eichstätter was already working 2nd place yesterday Bright.

“I felt really good in the first part of the race. The second part was a lot more difficult. Today I’m really broken. But it’s the same for everyone. Tomorrow I want to try to find a great finish.”Bauernfind said then.

Conclusion on Sunday around Altenburg

Manley maintained its first position in the overall standings. The Australian has already won three stages. The Thuringian tour ends on Sunday. Around Altenberg there are three courses, each with a mountain and jump rating, and a total of 104.3 kilometers for riders to complete.

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