Cybersecurity Report Names Most Dangerous Apps on Android: They Can Steal Bank Details | technology

Apps that threaten Android devices seem harmless, in fact many of them have to do with productivity, wallpapers or photo editing, however, they bring with them “malware” that sneaks into banking apps to get user data.

It’s a report on zimperium, a US-based cybersecurity company that provides mobile security for major brands of smartphones, software, and other hardware. this time Provided data for Android, detailing the most dangerous apps with which “malware” can steal bank data.

There, they set Mobile Banking Trojans For most of the Android devices used, These refer to several financial apps, which together achieve more than 1 billion downloads on the Play Store. This means that the same number of users are at risk.

Applications in which so-called “banking trojans” are installed have the advantage Look innocuous, like some games or productivity tools. For example, apps to download wallpapers, custom keyboards, translators, or photo scanners.

According to the US website phone arenaAnd the With these simple and free apps, malware overlays fake login pages on the original pages to collect account data. Such as emails, passwords, data saved in the digital keychain, etc.

The report indicates that: Users in the US are the hardest hit as the majority of the population with smartphones (3 out of 4 users) use banking apps. The latter is the target of malware that infiltrates other applications.

The most threatening application in this way, according to the report, is the global platform of BBVA online banking, also used in Chile. Specifically, they 7 out of the 10 most successful data theft malware target this appthrough which transactions and payments are made.

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What are the most dangerous applications that banks use for Trojans?

In addition to recognizing banking trojans, The report surveyed rogue apps that bring malware into devices without the user noticing. Some seem so innocuous that it is almost unimaginable that cybercrime arrives through them.

There are 15 gadgets registered in the Play Store that you should not download, for safety and prevention. many of A must do with phone personalizationLike the RGB Emoji keyboard, which comes with emoji packs; Colorful messenger, who colors the messages; And the original Messenger Pellet Messages smart keyboard, to customize your keyboard.

Along the same lines, There to download and install new wallpapers: air balloon wallpapers, for backgrounds with balloons; Anime wallpapers, for animated backgrounds; 4k wallpapers, for 4k wallpapers; And Cool Caller Screen, which customizes the caller screen.

also There are some applications that have to do with the camera and access to the user’s photo gallery. This is Fast PDF Scanner, which scans in PDF format; Thug Photo Editor, for editing photos; Peace SMS Happy Photo Collage software to make photo collages; And a special photo editor, which also allows you to edit photos.

other applications, related to productivity They are the document manager, which manages documents such as PDF, Word, etc.; Online loan tracker coin tracker, for expense management; PSD authentication protector, for authenticating other applications;
and Camera Translator Pro, which translates picture texts.

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