Cyberpunk on Netflix may have a release date (and it’s near)

Cyberpunk Edgerunners It’s the new TV series Netflix Inspired by the video game Cyberpunk 2077 movieAvailable from next September.

Based on the story and characters from the game CD Projekt RED (which you can buy at the show on me AmazonThe show promises to please fans first and foremost Anime series.

The first trailers of Edgerunners In fact, they’ve shown a product that seems to live up to expectations, considering it’s very close to release.

Now, after watching the beautiful official introduction, it seems that a leak has already been revealed Series release date.

As I also mentioned playerNetflix is ​​in the release list Cyberpunk Edgerunnerswhich will apparently appear for the first time in the broadcast catalog On September 13.

The date appeared briefly on the official Netflix website and then removed, as it is currently hidden with the word “Coming Soon”. Probably Official Announcement It will happen in the next few days, along with the new trailer for the series.

the hero of the story Cyberpunk Edgerunners – A new character called David Martinez – Netflix described him as a “street kid trying to survive Night City”. So let’s imagine he has a slum life story as V, the protagonist Cyberpunk 2077 movieif you choose the path of the game street kid in creating a character.

We also remember that CD Projekt Animated Series was announced in 2020 and will be produced by studio playerthe famous animation studio has already authored projects of a certain weight such as kill style kill And the Little Witch Academy.

This ambitious and promising series will be divided into 10 episodes I will have a Soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaokaauthor of OST from the silent Hill.

Recently, Cyberpunk 2077 movie It made headlines more than anything else because of its impact on CD Projekt shares after the not-quite-satisfactory launch.

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