Cuban Foreign Minister confirms that Summit of the Americas is a setback for the United States

Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parilla. Image: file.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Barilla on Thursday described as a setback for the United States the celebration of the Ninth Summit of the Americas, which runs from Monday to Friday in Los Angeles, California.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated, through his account on Twitter, that “the anti-democratic and exclusionary meeting in Los Angeles represents a new setback for the US government, which has been blinded by its arrogance and contempt for the region.”

Rodriguez Barilla considered that time Washington “is so insistent on the application of the Monroe Doctrine and her overriding determination in America that it will be doomed to denigration and isolation.”

The meeting, which ends on Friday, has been hampered by the host country’s decision not to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.It is the exclusion that has provoked the rejection of governments in the region and even Several presidents decided to miss the meeting.

In the case of Cuba, the organizers refused to grant entry visas to representatives of civil society, to prevent their participation in the Peoples Summit being held in parallel.

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