Cuba prepares for the International Transport and Logistics Fair (+ photo)

Non-state forms of management of the national economy and Cubans living abroad will be represented at the meeting, to identify trade opportunities, financing channels, cooperation projects and investments that allow to promote the development of transport in the country, which has been seriously affected by the intensive embargo of the United States.

Deputy Transport Minister Naima Alfonso explained at a press conference that it will be a specialized exhibition to unify existing projects or those under negotiation, in order to provide better transportation for the population and a successful performance of the economy.

Among the axes of the exhibition, it touched on the sustainable mobility of passengers and goods, the modernization of transportation and infrastructure, the use of renewable energies, the repair and manufacture of spare parts and assemblies, the efficiency of supply chains and logistics services in general and new technologies related to services.

Alfonso explained that the main objective of the event is to encourage the development of the various actors in the economy, encourage foreign direct investment, promote international cooperation and attract financing for infrastructure development and stimulate and diversify exports of goods and services.

During the exhibition, it is scheduled to present the portfolio of foreign investment projects in transport and the management of international cooperation plans in this sector, in addition to the Cubana de Aviación will announce new shipping routes and the Cuban airline will promote its actions in order to increase operations as a function of tourism.

The agenda includes the launch of a new high-level career in transportation engineering, and a specialized business tour to expose progress in the marine, rail and automotive industries.

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So far, production, service and marketing companies from Mexico, Venezuela, Belgium, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy have already confirmed their participation, and about 52 exhibitors from the transport activity from Cuba.

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