Cuba is among the eight least free press countries in the world

Cuba is repeated as the worst country in terms of press freedom in America and eighth in the world, according to him Report For the year 2022 Reporters Without Borders.

At 173 this year, the island has fallen two places from 2021, when it was at 171.

“TV, radio and newspapers are closely monitored by the state, And the private press is still prohibited by the constitution,” Reporters Without Borders reported.

The organization also denounced that independent Cuban journalists are being monitored by agents who attempt to do so Restriction of their freedom of movement, arrests and erasure of information in their possession.

The most common repressive actions were arrests, arbitrary detention, threats of imprisonment, persecution, harassment, illegal house searches, and confiscation and destruction of journalistic materials.

They noted that the authorities control the media coverage of foreign media, Selectively grant credits and expel those deemed “extremely negative” toward the system.

Reporters Without Borders adds that two journalists are currently imprisoned, including reporter Lazaro Yuri Valle Roca and Jorge Belo Dominguez.

Countries behind Cuba in this last ranking They are Vietnam, China, Burma, Turkmenistan, Iran, Eritrea and North Korea.

In America, the country with the most freedom of the press is Costa Rica.which is also ranked eighth in the world.

Reporters Without Borders is an international non-governmental organization of French origin, with its permanent headquarters in Paris. Its purpose, as stated in its presentation, is to defend the freedom of the press in the world, specifically journalists who are persecuted because of their professional activity.

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Founded in 1985, on the initiative of four journalists: Robert Maynard, Secretary General of the organization until 2008; Remy Laurie, Jacques Moulint and Emilian Gobineau. The name is inspired by the names of other humanitarian organizations such as Doctors Without Borders.

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