CSL introduces a new research center in Marburg

Up to 500 people can work in the new building. (Photo: CSL)

The center covers an area of ​​approximately 40,000 square meters and provides space for up to 500 employees, making it the largest CSL research and development center worldwide. “The investment in Marburg makes sense for us because this area helped shape CSL,” said Paul Perrault, CEO and Managing Director. by CSL.

800 square meters of the 7000 square meters lab space is dedicated to external collaboration with biotech startups. The strategic location of the center near universities, institutes, and biomedical centers aims to provide effective access to external talent.

“The new research center will create an ideal environment for cutting-edge research and open up opportunities for collaboration with regional universities and non-university research institutions,” Angela Dornrank, Minister of Science and Culture of the state of Hessen, emphasized in a video message.

Position of Marburg as a ‘globally recognized innovation hub’

Dr. said. Bill Mezzanot, CSL’s Head of Research and Development and Chief Medical Officer. “The new R&D center will continue to play a critical role in CSL’s global R&D investment strategy.” In addition to Marburg, CSL is also located in Melbourne (Australia), Bern (Switzerland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), King of Prussia (Pennsylvania, USA), Pasadena (California, USA) and Waltham (Massachusetts, USA) In total, more than 2,000 employees were represented in research and development.

Marburg has a very special meaning for CSL: CSL Behring operates a production facility here and the company’s history is rooted in the city. “This is where Emil von Behring, co-founder of CSL Behring, who received the first Nobel Prize in Medicine for his pioneering use of plasma to treat diphtheria patients,” said CEO Paul Perreault.

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Modern energy concept and open work environment

The new campus is also an investment in terms of CSL’s sustainability strategy. Dr. says. Lars Groenke, Managing Director of Research and Development at CSL in Marburg with Vicki Berzas. The building complex is equipped with the latest technologies, such as an ice storage system and heat pumps. The goal is a CO2 neutral power supply. According to the company, the ice storage energy management system at the new Marburg R&D campus is one of the largest in Europe: with a diameter of 17.5 meters and a height of 7 meters, the storage tank holds 1,683 cubic meters of water – as much as a 50-meter swimming pool .

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