Cristiano devours Switzerland

A substitute against Spain in the first match of the Nations League, Christian He returned to eleven by force. He didn’t miss his chance and showed that he’s still in great shape. He scores goals like churros, they fall out of his pockets and probably will stay that way until he retires. The target is in his DNA and on this occasion, Swiss He was punished by starvation Cristiano.

In the first half, he provoked his team’s first goal with a good free kick, which William Carvalho took advantage of. Then he scored the second and third goals and missed a very clear shot that could have been the fourth; And already in the second act, they canceled a goal in favor of Diogo Jota in the previous offside.

His numbers are scandalous. He increased the number of his goals with the national team to 117 and continues to be the top scorer in the history of the national football team. Of course, Messi closed the gap with his five goals against Estonia on Sunday, although he is still a long way off: he added 86 after beating Puskas in the standings.

Cristiano’s individual improvement after five matches with gunpowder is due, in part, to changes from his coach Fernando Santos, who hit the key after the irregular match against Spain that ended in a 1-1 draw.

Like Switzerland, which lost to the Czech Republic 2-1, Portugal Made six changes. On the one hand, Coble, Mbabu, Frey, Stephen, Shaqiri and Sverovic appeared. On the other hand, Rui Patricio, Nuno Mendes, William Carvalho, Diogo Jota, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ruben Neves.

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Differences in the starting line-up benefited Portugal the most. For obvious reasons – the stats don’t lie – Cristiano’s appearance has given Fernando Santos’ side even more success in attack. But William Carvalho has brought more consistency into the Portuguese midfield and Diogo Jota has more depth. With these components, Portugal, which is more electrified, passed over Switzerland.

In the first half, Murat Yakin’s men barely missed Rui Patricio’s goal with two long shots from Shaqiri. Before, Seferovic scored an unauthorized goal with his hand. And there was no more. This was him. Portugal did not allow Switzerland to do anything at all. Meanwhile, he devastated Switzerland.

First, he managed to score William Carvalho’s goal after a quarter of an hour. Cristiano fired a powerful free kick and Coppel, who replaced Sommer in a poor opening match, failed to clear it. The Betis midfielder appeared in the area like a cargo truck, hit the rebound and opened the scoring.

Later, Ottavio managed to score the second goal in a well-guided counterattack by William Carvalho, but made a poor decision at the last minute; Then, Otavio himself, on loan from Cristiano, did not hit the goal with a shot inside the area; Once again, Otavio, who is also a notable figure, managed to get the ball right thanks to a pass from Cristiano that finished the goal almost as he pleased.

The second goal also encouraged Pepe, who headed into the crossbar defended by Copil. He also kept Cristiano’s insistence intact, who before the end of the first half had time to score the third goal and miss the fourth after a superb pass from Joao Cancelo.

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Portugal, at 45 minutes, judged the duel. After the break, he pressed the brakes and Switzerland was able to breathe. However, he had time to score two more goals: one eliminated by Cristiano and the other by Joao Cancelo who climbed onto the scoreboard. There was not much, the 4-0 score was enough for Fernando Santos’ team and the Portuguese national team, the day Cristiano regained his evil, he is the leader of Group B with four points, as the Czech Republic.

— data sheet:

4.- Portugal: Rui Patricio; Joao Cancelo, Pepe, Danilo, Nuno Mendes; Ottavio, William Carvalho (Matthews, d. 84), Robin Neves; Bruno Fernandez (Bernardo Silva, 68), Diogo Jota (Horta, 67) and Cristiano Ronaldo.

0.- Switzerland: kopecks. Mbabo, Frey; Sher, Rodriguez (Okafor, v 62); Su (Javranovich, d. 81), Zaka; Stephen (Bhutany, d. 70), Shaqiri (Froller, d. 70), Vargas; and Svirovic (Embolo, v. 62).

Goals: 1-0, m. 15: William Carvalho; 2-0, m. 35: Christian; 3-0, m. 39: Christian; 4-0, m. 68: Joao Cancelo.

Referee: Orel Grinfeeld (Israel). Bruno Fernandez was warned of Portugal (AD 33), Stephen (AD 49) and Embolo (AD 80) by Switzerland.

Accidents: The match corresponding to the second day of the second group of the Nations League, which was held at Jose Alvalade Stadium in Lisbon, in front of about 45 thousand spectators.

Source: EFE . Agency

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