Cremona Serra – That afternoon in 1959 at Taverna Messicana in Milan, the first rock band debut of Tony Raines

Jian Balushi, an old journalist in Cremonese, author of studies and trios “Cremonesi cosi”, “Incontri Cremonesi” and “Cremonesi e dintorni” in his youth was part of the bands as a singer and drummer. From that experience was born the volume “Those Were Days” with orchestral stories, songs and musicians in Cremona in the fifties and sixties. Gian Baluschi traveled around Italy with his group “Vikings”, where he met many heroes of music and nightlife of those years. to me Cremonacera I entrust his memories. After Celentano (read here), here’s Fred Boscaglione (read here). Today the story is Tony Raines’ debut in a rock version.

We were performing in Milan at the Taverna Messicana (a jazz haven) along with the great Basso-Valdambrini. On that day in the year 59, we were offered to take part in a great afternoon party (“my morning”) alternating with young rock musician Elio Cesari, who was posing as Tony Raines. We kissed, and this was how we met our “competitor”.

But the rival immediately turned into a friend, like the sympathy that emanated from that twenty-year-old: he gave himself a hug. Tony Raines was the personal sympathy with that pretty face and clever and cunning eyes. He looked calm but we haven’t seen his performance yet.

In the afternoon, he started and left us dumbfounded. This shy kid turned rocker worthy of Elvis. With jumps, loud screams and slides of premium class. For everyone this revelation was real and the future will confirm it. It all ended there. Kisses, hugs and great sympathy are almost friendship.

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the other half. We are at Rupe Tarpea on Via Veneto in Rome, when we see him coming to meet us, Tony Renis who makes wonderful gestures for us. We welcome him as a friend, we keep him with us, but the next day, he has to go to a film producer to star in”Music“. Was it alright? I don’t know why we started following our friend’s songs with smart eyes when some of his great songs started coming out. Then we saw him break everything in Sanremo and Kanzonissima.”when when” And the “one for all“.

We followed the move to the United States where he became a brilliant producer, composer, presenter, and entrepreneur, and a friend of Hollywood greats like Sinatra, Gregory Peck, and Paul Anka. Then, in 2002, he came back to run the Sanremo Festival but we didn’t go to see him. He’s still a handsome, cool guy with a ponytail, but to us Tony Raines was that kid, that ardent rocker we met in 1959 in Milan.

I remember when we left at Tarpeian Rock we wished each other to be successful, to lead the way: and it came a long way. Hello dear Tony.

Pictured is one of Tony Raines’ premieres in rock (Archivio Istituto Luce)

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