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Invented by Anna, Shonda Rhimes’ new show just appeared on Netflix, between locations and hotels, and immersed in luxury, the series proposes a reconstruction of a billionaire scam and the image of a complex, mysterious female character and actress who lends her face to Julia Garner’s Two Emmys as a supporting character for the Ozark series: Anna turns From being the “golden girl” that everyone wants to be with to a lonely girl, however, she only accepts her great “criminal” project. From a true story, the new series by Shonda Rhimes for Netflix, which was published 1 km away in New York Magazine. Inside is a story that has already surpassed imagination: but as is well known, reality can sometimes surpass imagination, in which case it is unimaginable for a very young woman, who turns out to be deceptive. Anna’s Invention, just arrived on the giant Streaming channel, 10 episodes of 60 minutes that tells the story of Vivian (Anna Klumsky), a journalist investigating the case of Anna Delves (Julia Garner), who pretends to be the German heiress to Instagram who, in addition to stealing the hearts of the heroes of the social scene In New York also steals their money. Is Anna the biggest con artist in New York or is she just a new image of the American dream? The series is inspired by an article by Jessica Pressler, also producer, How Anna Delphi Cheated a Party People in New York, which was published in New York Magazine. Shonda Rhimes’ heroines are far from perfect and predictable, and Anna is her most morally ambiguous heroine. “This story is absolutely true except for all the component parts.” This sentence opens the show, in every episode. A 26-year-old woman, referred to by the world as a “false heiress” and a “scammer”, was arrested and eventually convicted of eight counts of fraud, theft of services and other crimes. She ends up in prison but in Anna’s story, if there’s one thing missing, it’s moral. She doesn’t seem to have learned much. The film’s heroine made headlines around the world when she was arrested in 2017. Sorokin, 27, at the time, is waiting for funds to set up a fictitious $60 million contemporary art foundation in midtown Manhattan with the same name. He defrauded banks, hotels, restaurants, private jet operators, many of his “friends” from jet planes, and more. The reconstruction of the facts is entrusted to the character of the journalist, Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky), who works on a portrait of Anna who finds herself revisiting her actions, including (former) friends and collaborators with the girl. Each of them offers a view of what happened and a different version of Anna. Heiress, fashion designer, art connoisseur, a woman who does not come close to impeccable or wishful taste: there are many faces that the girl showed herself. “Inventing Anna” is a series that moves on two narrative levels. On the one hand, there is the story of Anna and her deception, and on the other, the story of journalist Vivian Kent, her realization and redemption as a professional. Vivian is pregnant – a topic that is addressed in the series only as a time and physical limit they can bump into – and before going into childbirth, she wants her nickname “bad press” for reasons that come up throughout the episodes, Rehab. Anna and Vivian are two complementary characters to the story: Anna depends on Vivian to get the fame she wants, and Vivian depends on Anna to get the future she deserves as a journalist. They are revolved around a series of characters from Anna Todd’s lawyer (Arian Moayed), to her friends Casey (Lavern Cox), Nev (Alexis Floyd) and Rachel (Katie Louise), to Vivian’s friend, the cute Jack, played by Anders Holm. On April 25, 2019, Anna Sorokin was found guilty of eight counts, including attempted robbery, embezzlement and fraud. In February 2021, she was released from prison before the sentence she was supposed to serve. In March 2021, she was detained by US law enforcement and immigration because her visa had expired, according to People.

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