Create more space for cyclists on the road

With a week-long pop-up campaign in Weststadt, the city is experiencing abandonment of the left-hand drive lanes.

Schwäbisch Gmwind. It was at least annoying for one or another motorist in Gmunder Weststadt on Thursday evening: the left-turn lanes in the direction of the Scherenhof and in the direction of the Norma car park were suddenly closed. What’s behind: As part of European Mobility Week from September 16-22, there will be a “one-week pop-up campaign” at Weststadt in Gmünd in favor of a bike lane. The impetus for this came from the Mobility Agenda Working Group, says its spokesperson Andrej Seleke. The city administration is responsible for implementation. More specifically with Mobility Director Anja Tamm and Head of the Office for Sustainable Development, Climate Protection and Citizen Participation, Franca Zanic. This Weststadt pop-up, a surprise campaign, looks at “the extent to which road space is available for cyclists,” Zanik explains. In addition to the Mobility Agenda working group, the local Gmünd group of the German General Cycling Club ADFC is also taking part in this campaign. The question to be answered after a week: whether a left turn is also possible without your own lane, and whether traffic still flows. The office chose the site at Gmünder Weststadt because there are two lanes left there. At the same time, there are bike lanes on the sidewalks. Therefore, at this point in the Gmünder Weststadt, the key question is whether a left turn is also possible without left turn lanes. At the end of the week, a balance sheet will be drawn up. Michael tall

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