Craftsmen from Papalotla highlight their work in front of the UK Ambassador – El Sol de Tlaxcala

artisans from Babalutla They highlighted their presence in a visit Ambassador John Benjamin of the United Kingdom, From they explained The cultural richness from your municipality details that surrounds the carnival.

Around, Victor Montero MoralesAnd the dated and member of Collection Commercial and Cultural Tlamach Paki, He pointed out that at the government headquarters they were able to We meet Also with the British diplomatic corps.

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We show the various products that make up our Charo carnival costume, as well as the embroidery and embroidery techniques, and materials used to develop our carnival costume.

. added Also released products Innovatorswhich have like reference Carnival clothes.

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He stressed that the ambassador’s visit was to learn about the cultural richness of Tlaxcala. “establishing commercial and cultural relations between Tlaxcala and the United Kingdom.”

mention it The Craftsmen They are open to a show of work aimed at promoting the carnival, “It is not only dance and music, but work craft and creating products such as ladies’ handbags and charo suits.”

He stated that it is important to meetOur counterparts from San Bernardino Contla, Ixtenco, San Pablo del Monte, Tizatlán, Huamantla and Atlzayanca, In addition to heads of organs at the federal and state levels.

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confirmed that his Attending a visit Ambassador From the United Kingdom at the invitation of anthropologist Juan Carlos Ramos Mora State Ministry of Culture.

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“At Tlamach-Paki we are proud of our history with a vision towards the future,” It was confirmed by Montero Morales, who stated that the event was attended by Victor Antonio Perez-Luna and America Hernandez, who run Talamache Pacchi. commented that Ambassador Because of his proficiency in Spanish, he facilitated speaking at Government House.

  • Charus Victor Monteiro and Gabriel Muñoz, Babalutla, on the occasion of the Independence cry, attended by In 2020 to record a music video for Carlos Rivera at the Xicohténcatl Theatre.

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