Costa Smeralda, for her service

The oligarchs are now beginning to feel “at home” on the Costa Smeralda: after using shell companies for years to purchase real estate, they have some time ago begun to use their real names for business and utilities.

Alexey Mordashov – the head of the steel giant Severstal – between 2011 and 2017 bought 2,400 square meters of property in his name, with a value of at least 35 million euros, with a construction site started in 2016 to create a complex with a “low visual impact”. Today, the “village” of Mordashov is almost invisible if you do not know where to look.

Then there is Peter Avene, tenth richest man in Russia, owner of Villa Morena in Porto Rafael. “Before the house is registered in the name of a company,” explain to people who have knowledge of the facts, but for a few years now, Avene’s name has been listed in documents and in facilities that erby media can consult.

And finally Usmanov, who in 2020 bought another villa in his own name, after using the company for years Navy.

Russian pocket

Originally called Monti di Mola (the name would also give the title to the song De André), the Costa Smeralda was born in the 1960s from the vision of Karim Aga Khan, a 25-year-old Ismaili Nizari imam, who intended to create an oasis of luxury for the planet’s wealthy . Since then, boat trips and golf matches marked the days of Arab, British and Swiss businessmen, who were the first to establish their own businesses. Bowen Retiro.

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From here, at the start of the season, villa managers send Gallup to Switzerland or Germany to take back the racing cars of rich money tycoons. Limited editions of Lamborghini and Ferrari – which seasonal workers trust to lead them on the long road trip which begins filling the Costa Smeralda from July, they say. This is how it still appears to those who visit it today, with its manicured hedges and wrought-wood gates, creating a whimsical style that has, over time, influenced the coastal architecture of the entire island.

The quality of roads and services differ greatly from the rest of Sardinia. Almost everything belongs to the Costa Smeralda Consortium, which was founded by the Aga Khan to ensure that the richest residents can enjoy as much comfort as possible. Over the entire area of ​​3,114 hectares, with 55 kilometers of coastline, only 3.7% of the land is occupied by private construction or infrastructure works, so as to ensure the well-known wild appearance. Lifeguards, private medical services, and up to thirteen firefighting units (with two tankers and a helicopter) cater to all unsecured needs in the rest of the island.

As in a fine restaurant – where every cigarette is not lit the waiter arrives, ready to change the ashtray – on the Costa Smeralda erby media The consortium’s environmental operators braved the fog and torrential rain to change a practically empty trash bag on a deserted beach. Sponsorship that bears witness to a heritage of understated luxury over the years but still present in this enclave in Sardinia, where none of Sardinia exists.

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