Costa Rica initiative honors those who died of Covid-19 with trees

On Wednesday, President Carlos Alvarado took part in a symbolic planting ceremony and revival, where families from San Ramon, in neighboring Alajuela province, honored their loved ones expelled by the pandemic, as did thousands. their countries.

Once again, Costa Rica is an example to the world, Alvarado noted, adding that Healing Trees calls on us to unite and send a positive message, in the midst of so much pain families have experienced losing loved ones to Covid-19.

He also noted that this “motivates us to forge the foundations of a more sustainable and resilient future for the citizens of the world and the planet.”

Today and tomorrow more than five million trees will be planted in this number of countries, thanks to the San Ramon Carbon Neutral Foundation initiative, whose president, Jose Zagloul, noted that the epidemic arrived without warning and affected us all. In different ways.

He explained that it challenged health systems, generated unemployment and challenged the business model, but most importantly it struck hearts, the way we live together and mental health, left profound effects on society and highlighted that we need each other. In solidarity with.

“The pandemic has shown us how fragile we are, how much we can miss a hug, and the importance of sticking together,” Zagloul said.

Transformed into a global movement, Healing Trees has gone beyond the proposed goal and thus sends the message that together we can heal the wounds of this difficult time, while making a small contribution to the planet.

Its promoters maintain that the initiative goes beyond these two planting days, as it promotes fruit trees, which require at least three years of care so that they grow strong in honor of the lives lost in this pandemic and can develop properly. on the environment.

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They remember that trees help mitigate the greenhouse effect by trapping heat, reducing ground-level ozone levels and releasing oxygen, while their ability to absorb carbon dioxide makes them a valuable tool in combating warming.

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