Controversy over a video clip of the Prime Minister dancing at a party

In the photos you can see the ruler, 36 years old and The smallest in the worldThey dance wildly, wear a top and pants, and laugh with their friends.

Finland Prime Minister Video Gala 2022

Convictions not long in coming Twitter Many users echoed a critical comment from a sports host.

“This is Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin. Some said he’s cool…maybe among other teens. But is she a leader responsible for a country in crisis? She’s the most incompetent prime minister ever. He knows nothing. Please take your leather jacket off.” And I quit. Thank you.” Alexi Valafori.

Other users mentioned that Marin was really at the center of the scandal when he went to a nightclub in December despite being closely connected to the case. COVID-19 positive.

While many critics simply focused on her dancing and did not support more conservative ways of acting, others highlighted her carefree attitude as Finland goes through energy crisisWith record electricity prices and a shortage of health workers, among other issues.

But for many other netizens, Sanna Marin’s photos are a sample of a file A new social and cultural stage In the country, more progressive.

“It has become a symbol of progressivism and I love it. If we always asked these conservatives for permission, there would never be a female prime minister. Proud to show this video to my friends and colleagues. The world and ‘accepted values’ are changing,” the top Twitter user said.

Other comments defended his right to relax in the private sphere.

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