Concrete space instead of ice for VIPs: innovations at Hallenstadion

With the departure of the ZSC Lions, the Hallenstadion era ended and at the same time a new era began. We show the most important innovations.

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October 5 2022

At the ‘New Stage’ event, Hallenstadion showed how he has prepared himself and how he will enter a new era with great enthusiasm for business after leaving the ZSC Lions. The site invited customers, stakeholders and partners to show them innovations during an interactive tour.

Ice hockey played a very important role in Hallenstadion for 72 years, which is now coming to an end. However, the departure of the ZSC Lions opens up new possibilities: the infrastructure and food offerings are no longer designed only for sports-savvy visitors, but for a diverse party audience. For example, a facelift was done in the lobby and a relaxing atmosphere was created with 360 LED lights and high-quality furniture.

New VIP offer

Also new is the VIP offer: “Studios”. A private room just below the boxes with a unique view of the stage can be booked as an upgrade for twelve people. The backstage area has also been upgraded.

Perhaps the biggest renovation was the transformation of the hall floor. Instead of a field of permafrost, a concrete deck appears as a party layout. A temporary ice rink will be used for large ice shows in the future. The heart of the arena is the new “Brilliant Stage”, a rolling stage that can be rolled to the desired location when loaded. This means that several works can be conducted in the arena at the same time.

Sustainability also plays a role: since September, Hallenstadion has been heated with a local heating connection of 1,100 kW. Of the two oil-fired boilers, one will remain 900 kW, but will only be used when there is a power shortage on cold winter days. District heating is set up in a central plant, in the case of Hallenstadion at the Hagenholz waste incineration plant, and distributed in the form of hot water.

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