Complaint about the “lack of freedom of expression” we’ve seen before

Elon Musk’s relationship with Twitter is a love-hate one. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has been known to spend hours tweeting, but he has also criticized running it on several occasions. The last one was nowwhere Musk used his profile to complain about the lack of free speech on Twitter, to the point of Publicly raise whether you should create your own open source social network.

“Freedom of expression is essential to the success of democracy. Do you think Twitter strictly respects this principle?” He crossed out in one of his tweets. And on the same topic, he raised the question of whether a new platform was needed.

The conversation continued with a question from Pranay Patthole, a software developer at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in India, who suggested building a platform with an open source algorithm, where publicity is minimal.

The Musk’s response was, “I’m seriously considering it.”. As with many of the promises from Elon Musk on Twitter, it does not mean that this will happen, but it does indicate the entrepreneur’s concerns.

Criticism of freedom of expression on Twitter comes from afar

The idea of ​​creating an open social network is not new. In fact, Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and former CEO of the company, Explaining his vision for the future of social networks I already mentioned it It will be the user who decides to implement the algorithmwhich is equivalent to the way we now choose the apps we want to use.

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as a result, Twitter maintains the Bluesky initiative Where they want to decentralize social networks. This discussion initiated by Elon Musk fits well with this idea and is probably a reflection of the various initiatives that are currently being worked on to promote platforms of this style.

Elon Musk He is not the first public figure to criticize freedom of expression on Twitter. There is another well-known tweeter who was the former president Donald Trump, banned from the podium. Recently, Trump publicly launched the Truth app, as an attempt to ensure freedom of expression. However, A few days later, criticism of censorship and bans of users began to appear.

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