Companies and trade unions oppose Russian gas ban

Businesses and trade unions united to say no to the Russian gas ban. The impact on the economy will be devastating.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Now it is the enemy of Europe. But without Putin – or rather: without his gas – Europe cannot survive. Almost every day in the pockets of the Russian Prime Minister billion euros. After all, Italy and Germany depend at least 40% on Russia for the supply of gas.

ANSA / Evgeny Pyatov

In Germany, companies and unions gathered to say noRussian gas ban. Bda – German Industrialists Association – and Dgb – Confederation of German Trade Unions – They signed a joint memorandum expressing their opposition to the ban hypothesis for fear of de-industrialization in Germany. The heads of the two associations indicated that the freezing of Russian gas imports would be Much heavier repercussions For the economy of Germany more than Russia. In the joint memorandum, the two associations specify: “The immediate ban on gas will lead to production losses, production halts, further de-industrialization and continued job losses.”.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for his part, has repeatedly reiterated that the executive’s goal is to reduce dependence on Russian energy supplies. But the alternatives are not close. President of the United States Joe Biden He made himself available to supply gas to Europe, but that would not be enough, moreover, It will cost at least 20% more from Russian. unimaginable industries. Robert Habeck, Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy, announced the introduction of a contingency plan in the event of an interruption of energy supplies from Russia. According to the official forecasts of the ministry led by Habeck, Germany will not be able to achieve complete independence from Russian gas before the summer of 2024. Meanwhile, in the past three weeks, Oil prices soar Meanwhile, supply concerns are skyrocketing. The West’s sanctions route does not seem to be the best if the goal is to dissuade Vladimir Putin from his warlike intentions. On the contrary: According to some experts, continued sanctions will only make the conflict last longer and worsen morale.

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